Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Worlds Scariest Roller Coaster - Stealth?

Imagine my sheer delight when a few weeks ago, a relly gave me a couple of free tickets to visit Thorpe Park.

"What the blazes is Thorpe Park?" I hear you cry. 

Well, it is a theme park specialising in extreme thrills, which basically means that it is full of totally mental roller coasters. Including one of the (allegedly) scariest roller coasters in the world, called 'Stealth'.

I couldn't possibly pass up an opportunity like that, especially as I love fast stuff. So today, Steve and I took the day off work (I am working on his website with him) and made our way to Thorpe Park to use up the tickets and soak up a bit of adrenalin. Aaah, sometimes it's great being your own boss. Not so great when you need someone to blame ..... but anyway, I digress.

Back to the Stealth roller coaster.

Did I go on it? Well first of all, here is a picture of it for you .................. and it looks a LOT bigger in real life.

Pic.No.1 The roller coaster starts by accelerating up the ramp from 0-80 mph in 1.8 seconds before reaching the top

Pic.No.2 After reaching a height of 205 feet, it drops almost vertically, producing G forces of up to 4.7

Of course I bloody went on it! It's me - Lady M, the feckless adventurer (as I like to call myself when in a fanciful mood). And I have to say, I have never experienced anything like it before - and I have been on a lot of roller coasters.

The initial acceleration completely took my breath away, but that was nothing compared to being dropped 205 feet in a nearly vertical fashion. I was screaming like a herd of monkeys who had spotted a lion, and even when I reached the bottom, my stomach was still up near the clouds.

The whole ride only lasted about 30 seconds, but what a 30 seconds it was - my whole body was heaving from the adrenalin by the time we finally came to a stop. Now that's what I call a roller coaster.

Anyway, when I got home at the end of the day, I was researching the physics of roller coasters, when I accidentally stumbled across a bloody funny You Tube video.

It basically featured a TV programme where the presenter had invited an 71-year-old lady to ride on the Stealth roller coaster with him. Man alive, did I laugh my head off .........  and it gives you quite a good idea of what the ride was like .... enjoy.

Vid.No.1 Vernon Kay takes 71-year-old lady onto the Stealth extreme roller coaster at Thorpe Park (1min 57 secs)

I especially like the bits where she was shouting 'please god, please help me god!' towards the end.

So dahlink, will you come on the Stealth roller coaster with me next time I visit Thorpe Park?

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