Monday, 21 November 2011

I've got a new car! Only read this post if you like cars ...

I bloody love cars I do ..... it's because they are the ultimate gadget. Yes sirree.

I love motorbikes too, although I haven't had one since Izzy arrived on the scene. It seemed a bit reckless ferrying a newborn baby around on the pillion of a superbike ... even by my relaxed standards. I worked out that she would have to be attached to the bike using her car seat and a heady mixture of gaffer tape and bungy cords, which was immediately a big no-no. Gaffer tape plays hell with your paintwork.

So now I stick to cars. And I have noticed that my car buying predilection has fallen into two distinct categories: BI and AI (Before Izzy, and After Izzy).

BI, I would never have purchased a car that did 0-60 mph in greater than 8.5 seconds. Hence I bought cars like these .....

Pic.No.1 This was my BMW Z3. It had a straight-six engine and growled like a bear (and it was by far the funnest car I ever owned). The colour was 'British Racing Green' with cream leather interior

Pic.No.2 This was my Audi TT. Nearly as much fun as the Z3 but not quite (it had a turbo engine to generate the speed, so there was a 'turbo lag' unlike the Z3 which just had sheer grunt). The turbo whine did sound rather lovely though. It was black with a black leather interior

Not only that, I also simultaneously owned 'sensible' cars for work (with four doors because I had to take clients out for lunch etc.)  .... like an A6 Audi Quattro, and a Mercedes E240 and a BMW 325i. You see what I mean  - I love cars - it's what I spend my money on. Some people like clothes shopping ... I like my motors (and gadgets). 

Anyway, I digress ..... Ignore the cars that I used to have. For the purposes of frugality (i.e. raising funds to set-up a new business) I have spent the last year or so driving around in a shit heap ..... that is, a thirteen-year-old Peugeot 306 ('L' registration plate).

And even though I have only washed the Peugeot once since I bought it (and it is covered in green mould), I have to admit that it has been as reliable as hell. It has started every time, and does an amazing 550 miles to a tank.

But that's not enough for a gal who relishes her cars and gadgets.

Last weekend, I had a spare half hour so I decided to idly browse Auto-Mart (the car selling website) to see what was knocking around (after all, my business was starting to do well and I could afford to look).

And then out of the blue, I found my perfect PI (Post-Izzy just in case you had forgotten) car ....................

I had a few chats with the seller over the phone, and before you could say "don't do anything rash", I had agreed the sale.

And today I went to pick the car up - bloody marvellous!

It's a shame that I don't have a photograph, but it was too dark to take one by the time I got home. But man alive, it is a beast ..... rarrrrr! (that was me being a beast). I am not going to do a 'Big Reveal' just yet, because I have forgotten to take photographs .... how annoying am I? So once I have got them ..... I shall post them on here.

So dahlink - what is your dream car? ..... and is there a discrepancy between that and what you really want to drive?

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