Monday, 7 November 2011

It's 'Caption Competition' time again!

I had too much time on my hands today.

What's that saying? ...... 'Idle minds are the devil's workshop?'

I decided to create a 'caption competition' for you, using Izzy's toys. You see, I am always making sure that you are entertained. I am a bit like Ghandi in that respect (except that I don't wear unfashionable glasses).

So here goes ...................

To make the caption competition more difficult, I have added two pictures instead of one becase I am contrary like that. But you only need to submit ONE caption which covers both scenarios.

The winner will be interviewed via email, and the interview will be published on my blog. I will also select a neutral third party to do the judging ....... be careful it might be you!



  1. Which came first? chicken or the egg

  2. your writing is really good..keep it up!


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