Saturday, 17 January 2009

Another power cut

I was going to go home to London this weekend (to further admire the new ‘gravelled area under gazebo’ bit of my Mediterranean Garden), but decided to stay in Oxford to work on the photographs for some new Kudos Darkwood pieces of furniture that we have just got in.

There I was in my kitchen, beavering away on my laptop, when suddenly ‘pop’, all the lights went out………. again! Power cuts must be something to do with living in the countryside because it seems to be quite a common occurrence, and the power is normally down for hours, not minutes. This time, the lights have also been flickering on for less than a second every 20 minutes or so - a bit like a horror movie - Nightmare on Badgers Close! A picture of my kitchen is below. It’s like the Victorian times but without the corsets.

Thinking about it, are they still called ‘Power Cuts’ or have they been renamed something else, like ‘Energy Outages’ to make the electricity company sound better? The reason being is that I have noticed a recent, but subtle trend for renaming things. Arguably, the best examples are on the UK roads. In the olden days, we used to have good old-fashioned pile-ups, speed cameras and rubber-neckers. Instead, we now have ‘multiple vehicle accidents’ (I am sure that this has changed because the police like using acronyms and MVA sounds better than PU), ’ safety cameras’ (to make it look like they aren’t there to generate money), and ‘onlookers’ (The BBC probably found out that the colloquialism rubber-necker came from an undesirable source…… ITV!.

I remember reading somewhere that the birth rate in a given area will rise considerably 9 months after a power cut, sorry, Energy Outage. The reason being that with no television to watch, people seek alternative sources of ‘entertainment’.Surely if this theory was applied to Oxfordshire, the population would be circa 10 million? Mind you, if you factor in the ‘H
2O outages’ (we have had 6 days with no water at the warehouse in the last 3 months) this should balance out the lack of electricity for obvious reasons!

Anyway, I am now down to my last inch of candle, my laptop battery is nearly flat and my central heating has gone completely cold. I may have to resort to living off the land and eating things that would make a billy goat puke.

Either that, or drive to Dominos Pizza. Ummmmm………

P.S. You will be pleased to know that Phil is fine. He is in Lancashire because he is going to a fancy dress party tonight…. dressed as a Badger.


  1. If only you would pay your bill there would be less power outages...

  2. It does make you wonder ………… I just happened to visit when they had no water! Coincidental or what??

  3. Hey - aren't they inflammatory comments or something...?!!! Mind you, I have only just moved in, haven't received an electricity bill..... CRIKEY! I think you could be onto something ;-)


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