Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Interesting Jobs - Part 1 (Justin)

Today, I am working from home again (in London, not Oxford by the way!) and it is great because it gives me an excuse to deviate from Baumhaus news and meander off on a weird tangent, and blimey, am I the queen of weird tangents?! Yes I bloody am. Ask anyone at Baumhaus...... ;-)

The inspiration for today's 'weird tangent' was a couple of conversations I had with friends today. After listening to them gabbing, I suddenly realised that there are LOADS of people out there with really cool jobs. Then, as if mind-reading me from afar, a lovely customer of ours (Betty - you know who you are!) rang up and started telling me about an artist friend she has who is a brilliant photographer:


Crikey, Carl's pictures are amazing, and yes they are all taken with a camera (you will understand this better when you see the pics on the website - they are ---WOOWWW!!)

So, based on the above, I decided that I am going to do random blog entries entitled 'Interesting Jobs' as and when I come across them. Plus, I would really like it if you could forward me details of people that you know with cool jobs.

FIRST UP! I am going to introduce you to the first 'Interesting Job' which involves my old and good friend from University, Justin 'Archbishopofcanterbury' Horton. He lives in Laguna Beach, California.

His job is 'Alias Designer'. That means he is responsible for designing all the concept cars that are produced in big American companies (and eventually end up as road cars). Once his designs are published, they are toned down into somthing mundane and put into production. Before that, his job was designing monsters for computer games. And now he is designing weird boat things for the army or something..... sorry Justen me dear.... I forgot who is buying these big jet-ski thingys that you designed below!!

I stand corrected..... it is a 'troop carrier catamaran, which addresses many issues of 'crew-comfort' on long missions. Apparently there is a demi-hull system which makes all cross-water trips all nice and smooth. Thanks Jus! xx


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