Friday, 8 July 2011

Don't like housework? You've come to the right place

What the blazes is going on with blogger? I popped into my blog to do a post, and was astounded to find that everything looked all different.  

Pic.No.1 This is what I was confronted with when I loaded 'Blogger' today. It appears as though the chaps behind the scenes have decided to update the software without a by-your-leave

It bally well took me ten full minutes of digitally flailing around like a dancing Dad, before I finally figured out the new layout. But nominally, I rather like it. The layout is clean and there are new features - like a graph showing the number of pageviews. I like graphs I do. So dahlink, have you encountered this strange new update?

Anyway enough of that, the Blogger update was an unexpected digression from the subject of my real post ...... housework. It is as repugnant to me as anchovies, but it became apparent today that I needed to do some. Nothing major, just a bit here and there to detract the flies a bit.

The thing about housework, is that it is boring. And then when you have done it, it needs doing again in a week or four. So I spent the day circumventing the issue until I could avoid it no more.

It was a that point that I came up with a brainwave ....... I would find pictures of other people's houses on the internet which would make me feel good about not doing my own housework [taps side of head in knowing fashion]. No flies on me eh? (although you can see where they've been).

So here goes ........ pictures of houses that people really live in .......... enjoy ................

Pic.No.1 Look! The dirty devils have been stubbing cigarettes out on the arm of the sofa

Pic.No.2. This one could do with a quick run-over with the hoover

Pic.No.3 My living room didn't look dissimilar after Izzy's birthday

Pic.No.4 This is someone's home office. Like all messy people, I bet they always say; "but I know where everything is"

Pic.No.5 Blimey, I wonder what guests do when they are offered a coffee and cake?

Pic.No.6 Have you noticed; (1) that messy people like eating eggs; and (2) the cupboards are empty?

Pic.No.7 Ugh. Now I know why I am a dog person. But I do like that comedy cat on the computer screen

Pic.No.8 Here Kitty, Kitty .......  din dins

Pic.No.9 And finally, the coup de grace ......... a spew-tastic bathroom

Aaaaaaah, maybe I don't need to do any housework after all ........ I think I shall order a pizza and chillout for evening.

So dahlink, what are your plans for the weekend? I hope I have persuaded you cleaning may not be strictly necessary.

Annie (Lady m) x
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