Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Addicted to Taxidermy ..... it's dead good

Remember I did that post called 'when taxidermy goes wrong'? Well since then I have been wrestling with trying to understand the thought processes that go on inside people's heads when they decide to stuff animals.

Maybe they can't bear losing a beloved pet ....... maybe they have stood in one poop too many ........ or just maybe they love wildlife, but prefer the low maintenance variety. Whichever way you look at it, people who stuff animals are raving mentalists.

So imagine my excitement today when I happened upon (via the internet) King Mental, the mayor of Mental City; one Baron Georg Haaz from the Czech Republic.

During the 1940s he had over 200 mutts living at his castle, and he became so attached to 51 of them, that when they eventually snuffed it, he commissioned Mr Taxidermist to give them the old 'horse-hair up the bum' treatment. You think I am joking ......... have a squiz at this ....................

Pic.No.1 'Lie Down!' Now I know what it is like to have a good dog

Needless to say, King Mental's collection of ex-dogs is a major tourist attraction at the castle, especially given the freaky thought that the dogs are over 70 years old. And there was me berating Naughty George for stinking when he hasn't been bathed for a couple of years.

Pic.No.2 Castle Bitov in the Czech Republic, where King Mental lived with his strangely inanimate mutts

Pic.No.3 Rover partakes in some planking

Un-bloody-believable. And whilst I am on the subject of stuffed animals, I couldn't resist adding some more pictures from my 'when taxidermy goes wrong' collection .........

Pic.No.4 Ahhhhh ...... Moggy ..... just as we'd like to remember him

Pic.No.5 Look at this bobcat - it's like you are with him in the Borneo

Pic.No.6 I can't find any words for this one .... seriously

Pic.No.7 Raaarrrrr!

Pic.No.8 That lion looks like Bill Bailey, and what's with the rabbit?

I hope you enjoyed our foray with nature dahlink. How is your week going?

Annie (Lady m) x
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