Thursday, 6 March 2014

Floods, Facebook and Food ....... and Religion. It's combo-tastic!

Hello dahlink, how are you? I thought I would sneak in an extra blog post because the Bolly is flowing and I need a distraction from all things cooking.

Talking of cooking, the other day I received a berluddy excellent text from a chum called Emily. She is a brilliant chef like Jamie Oliver, except that she isn't a bloke and doesn't sport facial hair. Actually, 'chef' is probably not the right word because she actually makes posh cakes, but anyway, she asked if she could come round to my house on Tuesday and cook pancakes ........ something to do with Catholics and Easter and Lent or something.

Apparently, according to Catholic tradition, you are supposed to scoff loads of pancakes, then give up something for 40 days. Not sure what that's all about, but if I was a practising Catholic, I would give up anchovies and tuna because they are disgusting anyway. And while we are on the subject of Catholics, I have an interesting fact for you. My mum was a nun. Totally true. But looking at how things turned out, she wasn't a particularly successful one. Probably for the best really ...... the uniform can be a bit samey and apparently you have to live off potatoes. 

Anyway, I digress - back to Emily offering to cook pancakes. My response? "Errrrr, yeh! Does the pope shit in the woods!" Last time I attempted pancakes they ended up like carbon brake disks, so getting in a gordon blue chef was a no brainer.

Pic.No.1 This is Emily cooking pancakes in my kitchen. She had to wipe all the dust from the pans and cooker before proceeding

Pic.No.2 Izzy, her chum, and Fraser (Em's husband) scoffing the proceeds - pancakes served with lemon, syrup, Nutella and banana. Unfortunately they were only for the kids, so I was stood there like a Pavlov dog at a bell ringing convention

All in all, Emily did a marvellous job, but I have to think of a pretext to get her round cooking some scoff for me. Something like 'a dog ate the contents of my freezer and I'm about to perish from Beri Beri'. Hmmm, may have to refine that one a bit, I think she'll see through that thinly veiled ruse.

Anyway, that's pretty much it for me ......  except for two photographs I saw on Facebook this week that made me laugh. And because I am like Mother Theresa (except that I shave my legs), here they are (the first one was actually taken from the passenger seat of my car) ..........

Pic.No.3 No shit Sherlock

And finally, Obama met the Dalai Lama last week. China objected.
Then the Daily Record delivered this belter of a headline ..........

Pic.No.4 Is this the best headline ever? 

Ok, the headline above wasn't quite the final thing. I found this video on youtube. It's a mutt which sounds a bit like Naughty George did and caused me much guffawing. Enjoy.

P.S. what have you been up to this week dahlink?


  1. I was waiting for the gos on your leso outing with the 5 girls but all I got was a story about your mom not shaving her legs or somit like that. Try harder next time or I will stop stalking ya.

  2. Another cracking post again Annie, made me laugh.....Thanks.........Loved the newspaper headline reminded me of one a few years back from The Sun.......

  3. Does the pope shit in the woods? That is a visual I so did not need…..!

  4. Sheesh. Now I want to eat pancakes.

  5. Dammit, I forgot Pancake Day!

  6. Your mother was a nun????? Now that is interesting.

    AND the headline is hilarious. Best headline EVER!

  7. Hey, girlfriend. Sorry I haven't been around. I just now smelled the pancakes. When do we eat? Seriously, miss you and hope you and adorable Izzy are doing well. Hugs.

  8. Which discussion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. You must be making millions!!!!!~ Hope you are. Don't even see you on face book!!!


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