Monday, 20 January 2014

Looky here! Comedy Poses with Statues

Greetings dahlink. Today I decided that I needed a new hobby. After Naughty George's demise and subsequent journey to that big dog basket in the sky, I've kind of gone off comedy-taxidermy as a way of keeping myself entertained in the long winter evenings. Even though I briefly contemplated having NG stuffed and mounted onto a trolley, he just wouldn't be the same if he wasn't surrounded by a yellow mist and circling flies.

Consequently, for the time being, my heart just isn't into dead animals, and I decided that I needed another hobby. So, after much contemplation, and pondering with my forehead resting on my fist, I came up with an indefectible idea.

"And what idea is that?" I hear you cry.

It's obvious! It's comedy poses with statues! You can't go wrong. And what's more I have got provenance ..............

Pic.No.1 Here is a picture of Steve that I took whilst we were in Finland 

The whole scenario got me thinking; 'Hmmm, I wonder if anyone else has done any funny poses with statues?'

A couple of hours on the internet confirmed my suspicions - that many other people had taken comedy photographs whilst they were posing with statues.

And because I am like Mother Theresa, except that I have more variety in my wardrobe, I have got some pictures for you ........................

Pic.No.2 Crikey, has Hilary Clinton's BO brought that girl-person to her knees?

Pic.No.3 Yep, I agree statue ...... I don't want to see his skids either

Pic.No.4 Go on son! Straight for the nork strike

Pic.No.5 Crikey, Cops do tongues these days. Excrement!

Pic.No.6 I like the way his eyes have rolled up. That's attention to detail that is

Pic.No.7 Blimey! I know why she looks panicked - that statue is holding a butt plug in his other hand

Pic.No.8 Good job he was there to stop her from falling

Pic.No.9 Oh no. I tripped

Pic.No.10 This pictures poses questions on so many levels

Pic.No.11 More tea vicar?

Pic.No.12 I reckon that statue is normal sized, and the human-guy is from Lilliput

Pic.No.13 Socrates (or some other old-fashioned type bloke - they're all pretty much the same) does a selfie. Look how big that boy's hand is in the background

Pic.No.14 Roar. 'She was killed for wearing white socks with black shoes', says Trevor the Bear

Pic.No.15 Some kind of Peter Pan shit ....... I think

Pic.No.16 Is that a Buddha sitting on a turtle?! Besides that - I reckon that the likeness is so great that human guy doesn't want to remove his PJs

Pic.No.17 Awwww ...... heavenly cherubs

So dahlink, please feel free to send me any comedy statue poses that you might possess. I like them so much that I want to do another blog post on them.

Finally, here is a statue of Lady Godiva that is positioned in the centre of Coventry. 

Pic.No.18 Lady Godiva - In the olden days she was made famous because she stripped naked and galloped through Coventry protesting about something or other

Although I don't have any photographs of the event (mobile phones were rare then and didn't have cameras), I do have a claim to fame. When I was a student at Coventry University, I (aged 21) managed to scale the plinth and sit on the horse behind Lady Godiva. Huzzar!

Despite the fact that all my chums were spurring me on, unbeknownst to me, the statue was being monitored by CCTV and within 2 minutes the police arrived, meaning that I had to dismount the dobbin and run away very quickly.

That's why statues are cool. They proffer up a plethora of comedy opportunities.


  1. I'd never known why you and Steve parted ways. After seeing Pic.1 I now understand.
    BTW- So glad you didn't stuff NG. I don't think I coulda stood seeing him that way.

  2. So nice to know you're still as demented as ever... I like that in a person. :)

  3. Could be a good hobby, I look forward to seeing the pictures :-)

  4. I loved these pictures ... a great way to start my day! Thanks for bringing a smile and laughter to my morning.

  5. Howdy you. Go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people are just out there.

  6. Ah yes, you don’t need to know anything else after seeing pic 1!! Don’t worry, NG was safe from the taxidermists ……. :(

  7. Seemingly these pictures show two groups of people:
    1. Sculptors with questionable sense.
    2. People who have too much time on their hands.

  8. Great, these are far more fun than the weird animals. Looking forward to more lunacy. x

  9. Ah yes, but also these two groups combine for much comedy!

  10. Yee haa!! I thought some of them were bloody inspired :)

  11. Love it! These are totally amazing…. thanks for posting!!!

  12. Y'all are CRAZY! This was too funny!

  13. Bill Clinton looked a little to comfortable next to our next president.

  14. Ooii you - seems to be a slight slackening off from our main contributor here!!!!!

  15. I just got the Clinton one...what's wrong with me? And don't say menopause. Only I can joke about that. Love these photos.

  16. Keep up!! Glad you like the pics :)


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