Thursday, 19 December 2013

Stuff that! 16 Innovative Ideas for Your Dead Pet

As you know, I like to be of public service where at all possible. That's because I am like a Mother Theresa, except that I have a propensity to splash-out money on moisturiser.

Anyway, I digress. As is often my wont, I was doing some pondering this week ........

"What the blazes were you pondering about?" I hear you cry.

Well, after observing Naughty George snoring and guffing in his bed, I was wondering what I'd do with him if he went to that big dog-basket in the sky. It seemed such a waste to chuck a cherished pet into landfill just because they're simply a tad stiff and lifeless. Even more so when they could be made into something useful, like a tea-towel holder, or a small table onto which you could put the remote control.

And that got me thinking ........ I haven't done a post on taxidermy (my favourite subject) in absolutely ages ...... hence this post.

So, if you have an expired pet knocking around the house, here are some inspirational ideas for you ......... get that pet out of the freezer and get creative!

Pic.No.1 Look at this cleverly stuffed monkey. Bizarrely, Izzy looks like that when I serve her dinner

Pic.No.2 The taxidermist has managed to capture this cat in all it's predatory glory

Pic.No.3 Antarctica - it's almost like being there

Pic.No.4 This would have been great if the taxidermist hadn't chosen a mole doing the Charleston

Pic.No.5 The wise splendour is oozing from this owl

Pic.No.6 Majestic Moose ....... kind of. Apart from the ear that has drooped. And everything else

Pic.No.7 Hey Amigo! Check out the lug-holes on this kitty. It'll be sent into a flat spin if it encounters a sudden gust of wind, like the kid at my school who was nicknamed 'wing-nut'

Pic.No.8 The aerial prowess of this bat has been artfully captured

Pic.No.9 Don't know what do to with your dead monkey? You could make this handy iPad holder

Pic.No.10 Use your dead bobcat thing to make this natty swing for the kids

Pic.No.11 This fox in his near-natural habitat has been captured for posterity

Pic.No.12 This cute monkey makes a imaginative jewellery stand. But I wouldn't want to see the results of the Taxidermist's Inkblot Test

Pic.No.13 That's a big log Mr Weasel. "Why thank you," replied Mr Weasel, cocking his head at a jaunty angle

Pic.No.14 I ate most of this cow in a series of Big Macs, but I like what they've done with the remains ........ Moooooo!

Pic.No.15 Ferocious, fearsome and relentless predator? roar! ..... Ranger Smith

Pic.No.16 Don't know what it is, but this creature looks ideal for dispensing After Eight mints by pumping it's tail up and down

There you have it, nature lovers. If we all work together, we can transform our pets into useful additions to society even though they are dead.

And just in case you need further inspiration, here are some previous posts that I did about taxidermy ..... happy stuffing!

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  1. pennysteeltalktalknet20 December 2013 at 08:12

    I like the idea of the Aftereights dispenser.
    So if my email addy isn't showing up like it shows me it does, who am I posting as ?

  2. Just make sure NG is dead. I remember one of our cats, walking past him for two days before I realised he hadnt moved, at all. Still made partner prod him. He lasted another 24 hours, cat not partner.

  3. I know people who look like some of these!!!! Be very nervous NG, Very nervous!!!!!

  4. I do believe that tomorrow is Summer solstice. ergo Winter one for you. Dear God 35 degrees tomorrow. Swap you any cold for some heat!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Who would have ever thought I would miss your Taxidermy posts? Well I do. And I'm glad to see they are frightfully uglier than ever. And if. . .NG ever does need this service, don't use ANY of the taxidermist you profile, I know I'm stating the obvious but, err. . . .they aren't very good:) Merry Christmas my friend! And to you NG! And Izzy too!

  6. Do hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas. Be safe.

  7. I am not sure if I want Nelson Mandela or Michael Schumacher stuffed. Both could look good in the garden, Maybe have both, Nelson in summer to represent the hot African weather and Michael in winter to remind us to book our ski holidays early.

  8. Ooii, Christmas is not an excuse to scamper off!!! Hope you are having reasonable weather, we here in Toowoomba have just endured a week of hell on a stick!!! not nice. 43 degrees is not happy for me. Hoping you have survived the rigors of Christmas.

  9. Greetings MrsBlogAlot – good to hear from you again! Happy new year to you too, and have a great 2014! xx

  10. I know! I did miss a post over Christmas, but I am going to try and get back on track now, and after recent events :). 43 degrees? You must be baking alive over there! How was your Christmas?


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