Friday, 9 December 2011

Is this the World's stupidest iPad gadget?

Every time I have a spare few minutes, I like to undertake a spot of internet research to see if there are any interesting gadgets out there that I could buy.

I'd been toying with the idea of buying an iPad, but was still not convinced that I needed one because I already owned a laptop and an iPhone, and there didn't seem to be a gap between the two that needed filling.

But still, that didn't stop me jumping onto Google today and typing 'gadget iPad' into the search box. Because irrespective of whether I need one, I still yearn for one.

Then, whilst I was yearning over my keyboard, I stumbled upon a website that sold iPad accessories. In particular, it sold these ......................

Pic.No.1 An iPad case with a fully functional built-in bluetooth keyboard

I looked at it, and at first I thought it was a clever idea. But then I contemplated it further ..... ermmmm Apple designed the iPad to satisfy a niche in the market that was fulfilled by no other product - slim, mobile computing.

But the BlueBud case with built-in keyboard basically turned the iPad into ............ a bloody laptop!

Is it me, or has this product missed the point? If you want to carry around a screen and a keyboard, why not buy a cheap £400 laptop from Currys, instead of a £895 iPad? I got myself incensed about it all and resolved to write to Barack Obama first thing in the morning.

Talking of gagets, I have been looking around for cool Christmas presents for my chums, when I found this .........................

Vid.No.1 A Humping Dog USB gadget (14 seconds)

Man alive, I laughed my head off.

But then I realised that it didn't incorporate a Memory Stick.

It literally just humps your USB port. So the comedy experience versus time is most likely limited. Unless you spend the day sticking it into the USB ports of your most boring co-workers, and then watching their reaction.

THE CHALLENGE - Have you experienced gadgets more useless than these? (Bet you haven't!)

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