Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My cellar slowly reveals it's secrets ......

It's carnage round at my house.

As you may remember, a while back I moved house from London to Oxford. But what I omitted to mention was that my London house had an attic FULL of shit dating back years. And because moving house is pretty full-on anyway, I couldn't be bothered sorting it out. So I carted it all up to Oxford and bunged it in the cellar of my new house to sort out later.

And 'later' has been the last week, after I realised I couldn't get down the cellar steps anymore.

Yep, day by day, I have been systematically dragging the shit out of the cellar and dealing with it, i.e., selling it on Fleabay Ebay. [Note: if you are a nosey git, you can see what I am flogging here: Annie's Ebay account].

But it is bloody hard work because everything needs washing, photographing and then uploading onto Ebay. So I decided to stagger it over a number of weeks, hence my house is in a state of carnage - there are literally hundreds of items in various stages of the process.

And because I am kinder than Mother Theresa (but without a following of nuns), I have got some pictures for you.

Pic.No.1 The stairs leading down to my cellar. My house was built in 1546 and apparently the cellar is older than that by a couple of hundred years

Pic.No.2 Just look at the piles of crap stored in my cellar (and I had already cleared out SIX bags of old clothes at the time this picture was taken)

Pic.No.3 Random crap was piled on every surface ........ and there were things that I had forgotten I even owned ....

Pic.No.4. Like this old manual typewriter .......

Pic.No.5 .................... and a pair of pretty blue bowls

Pic.No.6 An oil lamp and old clay pipe

Pic.No.7 A vintage Guinness ashtray 

So wish me luck dahlink - it is going to take ages sorting this bally lot out. Total nightmare, and I might need smelling salts at some point.

Oh, I forgot to ask - how was your weekend by the way?

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