Monday, 26 September 2011

Top Taxidermy Video and Bastard Blogger

There I was, minding my own business, trying to get the Barbie balldress off Action Man, when I heard the ping of an email arriving in my inbox. 

'Who the blazes is that?' I thought to myself as I wondered over to the computer to have a look. It quickly became apparent that it was from Kara, who writes the excellently funny blog, Scattered Joy (opens in new window).

Hi Anne,

I stumbled across this video ad for an American taxidermist and immediately thought of you. It's beyond description.


Blimey, how cool is that? People think of me when they see dead animals!

Anyway, I just had to share this video with you because it is the dog's danglies; I laughed my head off. She's a mentalist that Kara. So here you go .......... enjoy! 

Vid.No.1 Taxidermy Television Advert (1 minute and 5 seconds)

On another note, I am proper mad with Blogger tonight. It has deleted a draft post that I spent hours working on. I tried to recover it by going to the 'help' function and typing in "blogger you bastard I spent hours writing that post and then you and delete it on a whim I hate you more than anchovies and how do I get it back?'

As you would expect with substandard software, I retrieved no easily discernible results to help solve my problem. So I will have to start writing it again from scratch because Blogger has no back-up function. I REALLY need to move my blog to Wordpress.

Oh - last, but not least - apparently England is going to experience an Indian Summer. Despite the fact that we are moving into Autumn, the forecast for this week is set to yield 28C (82F) sunny days. I will believe it when I bloody see it. Yes I am still mad about blogger deleting my post. 

So dahlink, how has the start of your week been? Any fun, dramas, dilemmas?

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