Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hey ho, hey ho, it's off to America I go

When it comes to organising my diary, I must admit that I am the equivalent of Mother Theresa working on Wall Street, i.e. crap. Actually I am assuming that Mother Theresa would be crap on Wall Street but I can't back it up. Oh yes I can, thinking about it, because she's dead.

With that in mind, I made another diary blooper this week. Despite only arriving home from my weekend in Skegness on late Monday afternoon, I had a flight booked to visit my chum Clare in the US on Tuesday morning. It was going to be tighter than a gnat's chuff by any stretch of the imagination. And I couldn't afford to miss my flight like I did last time, because Clare would get really mad with me again and call me a daft moose.

So after arriving home at 4.30pm on Monday, I was like a non-hairy James Bond with a mission; I rapidly emptied my suitcases of all things Skegness, and shoved the contents into my new washing machine. And because my washing machine hadn't been installed properly, I had to lie on it during the spin cycle to stop it from bouncing around the floor. It's quite humiliating really, especially when I have company around.

Once that was done, I had re-pack my suitcases, this time for Florida. The whole time I was packing, Clare insisted on being on a Skype video-call with me, so that she could hear what I was packing and check I didn't miss anything. She is very over-cautious like that and didn't seem to think that my amazing mooing cow-thing was essential.

By midnight, I was done, and I went to bed under strict instructions that I had to set off for Gatwick by no later than 7am the next morning. Crikey, that's virtually the middle of the night.

But you will be glad to know that I did it (even though I nearly perished from shock), and I arrived at London Gatwick Airport at 8.30am in readiness for my flight at 11.15am.

The only hiccup I encountered was during check-in. A important man (I knew he was important because he had a walkie-talkie) asked me where I was flying to in order to direct me to the correct desk.

Aw crap. I stared back at him with the realisation that I had no idea where I was actually flying to; Clare had sorted out all the flights for me and I am useless at remembering names.

"Errr, America?" I replied.

"I need you to be more specific than that ma'am," he said, regarding me incredulously.

Gulp. It looked like all was lost until suddenly I remembered that I knew the flight number from my original flight confirmation email (numbers tend to stick in the head of engineers you see).

"I am on flight VS027," I grinned at him.

"That's Orlando ma'am. You need to check-in right over there," he responded, motioning towards the Virgin Atlantic desk.

Marvellous. I was on my way.

Pic.No.1 This is the queue for boarding the aircraft. I didn't like taking too many pictures inside the terminal because it makes one feel like a terrorist

Pic.No.2 This is the view of the apron at Gatwick Airport taken from my window seat

Pic.No.3 As we began our descent into Orlando Airport, I took a picture of the clouds

The flight took 9 bloody hours instead of 8 because there was a tail wind, and I managed to watch 4 films on the in-flight entertainment system which was quite a luxury because I never normally get time to watch films.

We touched down in Orlando at 4pm, and after 45 minutes of trying to get through Immigration, I finally emerged into the Arrivals Hall to be met by a waving and grinning Clare. It was lucky she was there actually because I had lost her contact details, and the battery on my iPhone was dead.

After a short drive we arrived back at Clare's house in time to see the sunset over her swimming pool and the lakes beyond.

Pic.No.4 A Floridian sunset. It was rather nice

More to come later folks...........

So, have you ever had a disastrous journey out of interest? Not that mine was too disastrous ...... this time.


  1. Have a blast as I'm sure you will!
    One really bad experience with Air Canada.......the plane took off with out 20 people. They had to turn back in mid air and get us! I'm serious! We were held in a very hot (warm) room for over an hour.....people fainting and not one apology!

  2. Hello Anne:
    Yesterday Skegness, today Disney World. No change there then!!


  3. Ha ha Jane and Lance! Yeh, yeh, I know it looks incriminating, but I promise I am not really like that! At all. Really!

  4. That's what you call a bit of jet setting!! Have a great time

  5. No interesting journeys here because I don't really travel.

    You're only 381 miles from me! If y'all come this way, let me know. But, I don't have a pool. Nor do I live on the water...Maybe you should just enjoy Florida. LOL

  6. Thought you were in aviation you moose... tail winds make you go faster.., Glad you are here.. fancy another cocktail?


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