Sunday, 13 March 2011

I need your help with an experiment

Every now and again, I like to feel pampered. I felt like that today, so I decided to treat myself and I bought a new kettle. It was made by Morphy Richards and I was particularly impressed by the fact that it boasted a 3KW 'fast boil' function.

Pic.No.1. This is a picture of my kettle's first boil. Admittedly it's not the most dramatic of action shots

So I scuttled home with my new purchase and decided to find out (in a scientific way) exactly what 'fast-boil' means. I filled my kettle up to the maximum level (6 cups) and timed how long it took to boil the water. It took 3 minutes and 13.1 seconds to boil.

'Wow!' I initially thought to myself, before realising that I didn't know how long conventional kettles took to boil, thereby rendering my experiment useless due to a lack of comparative data.

'I know!' I thought to myself, I will ask my bloggy chums to fill their kettles to the '6 cup' level and ask them to time how long it takes to boil. 

So my lovely, if you wouldn't mind giving me a bit of a hand by boiling your kettle and letting me know the results, that would be much appreciated.

I will then be able to collate the results and calculate how many 'minutes per annum' I am saving by having a 'fast boil' kettle. I am so excited I could vom!

P.S. there is one disappointing feature with the kettle and it is that it doesn't have a blue glow when it is boiling. I do quite like my gadgets to glow. Does your kettle glow?


  1. Most Americans, including myself, won't be able to answer this question. Ask us coffee maker questions and we can go on and on...but I admit, I have never actually SEEN a kettle like you have. LOL *hangs head in shame* Yeah I know, you are dissapointed in me. When my husband was alive I had a stove top kettle, because he drank gallons of hot tea. As I remember it took about 5 minutes!

  2. I am lost for words!!!

    Surely the accuracy of this experiment depends on how big the kettle maker assumes a cup of water will be, plus of course the temperature of the water to start with.

    As for a kettle glowing, well as they say " When you have got to glow you have got to glow"

  3. My kettle has to sit on the stove top to boil...not very helpful I'm afraid. But interested in your results---let us know what you find out!

  4. I'm going to bed now. I'll do this for you tomorrow. Why ? because I care. Why ? I don't know. Night night sleep tight xx

  5. Guinea pig number 1 at your soivice! I\ll put it on right back.
    Dum-de-dum.....OK. It took my kettle 5 minutes and 15 seconds to boil 6 cups of water!!! You have some kettle there Missy!

  6. I have not used a coffee pot like that one since I was a kid...although mine was not so modern! I can't help you but I can tell you it takes 30 seconds to make a cup of coffee with my Kuerig! =)

  7. Sorry, we darn Americans are very focused on our coffee. If I feel compelled to have tea, I just do a kettle on the stove top. No help, epic fail.

  8. Gee, look at all the people jumping around for you, Annie! You love this don't ya?!

  9. I have a Breville with I quote, 'quiet boil technology.' And I assure you it does sound very quiet from across the street! oh and it boils in 3min 15.

    Cheers A

  10. ooh ooh, an experiment. I love experiments! (quel surprise)

    OK, six of my large cups filled my kettle to it's maximum level of 1.7 litres. From click-on to click-off it took exactly 4 minutes.

    Once all your results are collated, I expect to see a chart, y'know. ;)

    Also, if you want a QUICK cuppa, you need this kettle.

  11. I too have a fast boil kettle - a Kenwood, 2 mins 29 seconds to boil a six cup filling. It is clear plastic so that you can watch the little bubbles move faster and faster, you think life can be dull in Oxfordshire! plus it has a glowing ON button, in a very tasteful shade of blue. Are you jealous yet? don't be, it also shoots boiling water everywhere, when you attempt to pour it! I am returning it before we blow ourselves sky high.

  12. Anne.. As you know I have boiling water on demand.. so about 3 secs to fill a cup... can you extrapolate that out to a kettle? not sure...

  13. ps nice to see spring has sprung on your blog!

  14. I have a Breville that boils a six cup 'load' in 2 minutes 41 seconds. Oh, and the on/off switch glows blue!

  15. Funnily enough, I forgot this morning... I now have hubby timing me and my kettle.

    Several years old Kenwood - six cups = 2 minutes 50 seconds. I'm impressed ! WOW ! Never knew he had it in him. Way to go kettle. I love you.... I mean, I really, really love you.

    As hubby & I are drinking red wine at the mo & neither of us want tea or coffee I shall use the boiled water for the dishes... waste not want not ( having been slagged on my blog for having one measly bonfire last sumer and I quote,
    "Having fun at the earth's expence "

    Enjoy !

  16. Sorry. I can only tell you how long it takes to nuke one cup of water in a microwave -- about 2 minutes.


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