Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Have you ever felt like roadkill?

After a busy weekend with my cousin, chum, daughter and nephew, it would have been sensible to spend a quiet Sunday night in, getting ready for the week ahead.

Sensible, schmensible! Sensible is for librarians, surgeons, and people who work in banks, and I am none of them. So when my chum from the village asked if I fancied meeting up for drinks on Sunday night, I readily agreed.

We met at our local village pub, The White Horse Inn, at 7.30pm and soon the wine and conversation was flowing. And we were having a right laugh. Then the pub closed at 10.30pm so Clare came back to my house (probably a bad idea with hindsight). Oh yeh, you can see where this is going.......

Pic.No.1 This is my chum Clare from the village. She had just said something funny and not even the Canon Powershot S95 could cope with shake generated by me laughing

The upshot is that we eventually said our goodbyes at 1.15am (yep on a Sunday night), and the next morning I felt like a dead badger. A dead badger that had been squashed by a car and then suffered an artic driving over its head.

The only positive was that I didn't smell like a dead badger which is good because it is a very bad smell. I used to work with someone who actually did smell like a dead badger, and my nickname for him was 'dead badger' (unsurprisingly). It caught on well with my workmates though, so there must have been something in it. They would say things like "I need Dead Badger to knock up a new drawing for this fixture." That's how fluent his nickname became.

So now I am tired, tired, tired, and it is my own fault, so I am going to have an early night (i.e. before midnight).

P.S. did you have any comedy nicknames for your workmates?


  1. I only came to the 'ever felt like roadkill post because I thought it was a recipe!

    And OY! I have been a bank clerk and am now a library assistant but have been known to have a drink (or ten) on a Sunday night *shakes fist*!

  2. Aww, broken biro, you really make me laugh! I knew that the bank clerk and librarian thing would cause a bit of an uprising - I know a few more people who will probably want to form a splinter group with you when they read my post!!

  3. I used to have a mate, though not a work mate who had a slight eye defect and he liked westerns. He was known by all as Squint Eastwood!!

    Used to work with a young lady who if she had ridden a bike would have had to have the words "Caution wide load" across her backside. She was known as Barge Arse.

    How cruel we can be to people!!!!

  4. That'll teach ya! Oh the 'young' think they are so invincible!!!
    I have a great nickname I had for a person I taught with....but it would be my luck that she read or reads your blog! I just couldn't here.

  5. Jim.. Anne hasn't been young for ages...

    She regularly spends 3/4 of her holiday in bed when she comes here from 'over consumption'.. so no sympathy from me you old minx

  6. haha! you and izzy have the same breadth for creativity.

    "What's your husky's name?"

    "What do you call the guy who smells of dead badger?"
    "Dead Badger Guy."

    not that i'm much better. i label my friends by their most appealing physical attributes, and then add "mcgee" to the end. as in "hey, tits mcgee, legs mcgee, lips mcgee", etc. it's an american thing.

    baring the fact i am, of course, not american in any way.

  7. That's what happens, a bad day always follows a good night! xxx

  8. All those zoo animals must have inspired you to get wild. ;)

  9. Sensible schmensible indeed!

    I felt like a dead badger today, and on a road trip for work tomorrow... gonna be a long one!

  10. When I worked at BT, just about everyone had nicknames.
    Abbo was called Abbo.
    Wobber was called Wobber.
    Chippy was, of course, called Chippy.
    And Dave was called Stan. I don't know why.

  11. Primary school teacher called Son Ironing board on accout of his slim physique...( skinnyness ) I thought it was Tad harsh. I think teacher was trying to be too clever as our sir name is Steel ...Iron / Steel yes ? It was lost on ten year olds.

  12. I used to know a Judge we nicknamed "The Smiling Assasin" he would glance down at the Defendant in a benign way - smile his sweet smile then announce "20 years in prison take him down"

  13. I needed this laugh! Thanks so much! I see you are really enjoying the new camera! Congrats! The pics are great. I look, feel and smell like a dead badger at this point.

    Nicknames...ahhh...I love them! We had this person whose last name was Fico and we would call him "Fico Matter." He got so pissed. Sorry to all you Fico's reading this. Don't hate me, I didn't name you! We have some other really good ones that I can't even say in the event people get click happy and find them! Our favorite tho is combining the names of a man and women who are secretly together. They try to hide their affair and think they are doing a fine job at it until one day, they are referred to as the 2 names combined. (first syllable from one name and remaining syllables from the other). Fun stuff. Anywho...back to work!! Oh...I was called "penguin" in school cuz I pointed my toes out when I walked. That nickname caused me to really pay attention to keeping my toes forward and I no longer waddle!

  14. Jim, don't listen to a word Clare says! I run around like a teenager all day, and when I visit her in Florida I spend 3/4 of my day doing her ironing! x

  15. Aw thanks for your funny comments guys. Yo have all had me laughing my head off. Especially the McGee thing, and the Fico Matter, and the Son Ironing Bored and the Smiling Assassing ....... All genius, but the best has to be 'Squint Eastwood'!

  16. I have indeed felt like roadkill, at least the way that roadkill must feel, if indeed they do feel anything. But what a good way to do. The picture of Clare evokes laughter.


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