Sunday, 27 February 2011

You may call me a geek, but you sneakily like it ...... probably

*Note - this post was written last Friday but I forgot to publish it because Naughty George distracted me by nicking some ham off the kitchen worktop.*

There were two events that happened this week which form the basis of today's post; (1) I got a new camera - a Canon Powershot S95; and (2) my repaired iPhone was returned to me. 

So as you can probably appreciate, there was only one way I could while away the day. Yep (and you are gonna like this one), I decided to wonder around the village like the littlest hobo (except that I don't have paws), taking two photographs of the same scene, first with my iPhone and then with my S95 to see what the differences were. 

I had just finished taking my first shots of the local pub, and was about to take my second shots of the local phonebox, when I saw a chum from the village walking down the street towards me.

"Why are you taking pictures of the phonebox?" she asked, before adding, "you look suspicious."

I explained that I was comparing the quality of photographs between the iPhone and the S95. 

"Bloody hell. What a geek," she exclaimed.

"It's not geeky," I said defensively, "it's scientific."

"Yeh, whatever," she replied in an American way, "fancy going for a beer on Sunday evening?"

"Cool yes, I'll see you on Sunday night and show you the difference between my iPhone and S95 pictures," I said. 

"A picture is just a picture to me," she responded, "so I wouldn't worry about it."

Blimey, some people are Luddites. Luckily she didn't put me off my quest, and I forged ahead post-haste. And here are the results......... so without further ado, please let me introduce ...........

iPhone versus Canon Powershot S95

*Please note that the results were FAR more pronounced in high resolution.*
Pic.No.2. The picture of one of my favourite places - the local pub. Taken with my iPhone. Can you see that muddy puddle that Naughty George always walks through before entering the house? Git

Pic.No.3. My local pub. This time taken with my Canon S95. If you view this picture in high resolution and then zoom in, you can see that someone has messed with the pub sign so instead of saying 'White Horse Inn', it says 'White Hore Inn'. I don't know, some people are right wags!

Pic.No.4. A random road with a phonebox in it - taken with my iPhone. This is where I was accosted by the Luddite

Pic.No.5. Same random road and phonebox but taken with my Canon S95. Actually thinking about it, it isn't a very interesting picture so no wonder Luddite thought I looked weird

After wondering through the village, I then made my way to Steve's house to see Izzy (daughter) who had just come back from a skiing holiday in Canada. After a week there, she had become attached at the hip to a stuffed toy husky, imaginatively named, 'Husky'. I am glad that she is turning out to be literal like me. She has two other favourite cuddly toys, one of which is a sheep, whilst the other is a pink teddy, and they are called 'Sheep' and 'Teddy' respectively.

Great naming system. There is never going to be confusion there.

Pic.No.6. A picture of prodigal daughter taken with my iPhone. I know she doesn't have her husky, but somehow I managed to capture her in the only 5 minute period when she didn't have the damn stuffed dog in her hand.

Pic.No.7. The same 'ginger peril' but this time taken with my Canon S95

Pic.No.8. The rock garden that Izzy made, taken with my iPhone. I was quite impressed with her creativity here considering that she still draws people as heads with legs sticking out of them

Pic.No.9. The same rock garden but taken with my Canon (yes those plants in the background are a bit crispy. Not a good adjective to be associated with if you are plant). I also think that there is not much difference between the S95 and the iPhone in these two pictures

After welcoming Izzy back home, I took Steve and her for lunch at The Talkhouse which provided yet more opportunity for me to do some iPhone versus S95 comparisons. Have a sneaky peek .....

Pic.No.10. This is a picture 'The Talkhouse' pub taken with my iPhone. As you can see, in the top left hand corner is one of the iPhone downfalls. The lens is positioned in such a way that in 83.4% of pictures, you accidentally cut the corner of the picture off with your finger. Bloody annoying

Pic.No.11. The Talkhouse pub taken with my S95. This demonstrates how much wider the angle of the lens is. And that is Steve and Izzy on the left hand side of the picture

Pic.No.12 Me and Izzy inside The Talkhouse about to have lunch. This picture was taken by my iPhone and I really like it for reasons that will become obvious when you view the next picture

Pic.No.13 The same shot as above, but taken with my S95. The bloody thing is so good, that I can't hide the bags under my eyes caused by too many late nights. It's an S95 'FAIL'. Oh, and Izzy fell asleep in her dinner ten minutes after this picture was taken.

So, the Canon Powershot S95's notorious ability to perform well in low-light situations isn't necessarily a good thing. Good job I know how to use Photoshop. 

That's me done for today. Do you like my iPhone versus S95 theme? If you do, I might have to indulge in some more of it later down the line. 

P.S. What have you been up to this weekend?


  1. In my experience a dedicated camera will always outperform in most conditions a camera in a phone, even if the latter has on paper better resolution.

    Plus cameras as easier to hold steady I have found.

  2. the only true test between a camera and an iphone lays in the photographing of live pornography.

    but since i have access to none of these things, i'll just go with your findings.

  3. number two pictures look like the village has had a lick of paint.

    Thought you said...Husky / sheep / teddy ?
    ...where did Pink Rabbit creap in then ? Huh ?

  4. Presumably you have tried all the different settings - or are these all on an 'auto' setting?

    I have seen many things worth photographing this weekend - a giant monster puppet in a scene from Dirty Dancing, a Victorian restored park in spring splendour, amazing sunset across the Dee estuary... and did I have a camera with me on any of these occasions? Nah!

  5. Yes you are indeed a geek, which is a good thing I love geeks!

    Camera looks and sounds pretty awesome --- enjoy it!

  6. Well I would say hands down the camera is doing an awesome job! But then again, the iPhone doesn't do a horrible job in a pinch!

    What have I done this weekend? Reinstalled my f'ing computer and I'm still not done loading shit back on it... *sigh*

  7. As Robert says, a dedicated camera should always be better than a camera phone - especially one that costs as much as - and has the specs of - the S95.

    Having said that, some of your outdoor shots on the S95 look a tad overexposed to me.

  8. Enter my inner geek, it must have appeared together with new (hand me down camera) for I scrutinised the photos like a good un. Prefer camera, which is a good job, means that financial outlay was not wasted.

  9. Yeh Robert, you are totally right. When you look at the high res images, the S95 is way better every time.

  10. Good idea Kage! I hadn't considered using it for pornography.

  11. Yeh Brahm, we can be geeks together! The camera is pretty bloody great. It an perform way better than my talent.

  12. Eh up Jewell, you are right. I did think there would be more of a difference between the two cameras. It will probably get better once I learn how to use the S95 xx

  13. Hello Broken Biro, have I buggery used all the settings! It is well complicated and I have no idea what the buttons mean (they are labelled 'P', 'Tv', 'Av' etc. So I just stuck it on auto.

    Yeh, I am probably a lamo!


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