Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I've got a new camera and it is bloody brilliant.... bring on the Canon S95

Today I nearly choked on my own vomit with excitement. Can you guess why? Yes sirree, my new Canon PowerShot S95 compact digital camera arrived today. GADGET ALERT!

But man alive, before I discuss the gadget itself, I have to say that Amazon's delivery service is total pants.

Firstly, there is no reason in this day and age, for it to take a whole week (Amazon call it '5 working days' to try and make it sound better) to deliver a pocket-sized product. Secondly, the useless bastards just abandoned the parcel outside my front door. The Postman didn't knock, or get my signature, or anything. So my £300 camera was just sat outside my house in full view of every passer-by, for god knows how long. It's just lucky that Forest Hill isn't populated by thieving gits, because Amazon don't insure 'digital products', irrespective of how negligent they have been during the delivery process. So if someone had nicked it, I would have been £300 out of pocket.

Not only that, it was a bloody good job it wasn't raining otherwise the camera would have been ruined because it didn't have any waterproof bag around it.

So, Amazon's poor delivery service aside, what about the gadget itself?

It's bloody brilliant! Far too sophisticated for my talent. It's like dating someone who is much better looking than you. And I couldn't take a picture of the gadget itself because it is the only camera I own. Bummer.

When I got it out of the box though, I was immediately impressed. The case was made from steel, giving it a really solid feel. And it had loads of dial-settings that clunked satisfyingly into place. I didn't know what any of them did though, so I selected 'AUTO' and then looked for things to photograph.

Pic.No.1. This is an ancient antique Buddha that I picked up when I was in Cambodia. His ear fell off last week but I glued it back on. The picture looks quite sharp I think

Pic.No.2. This is a picture of my dining room. Yes, that is Naughty George at the bottom of the picture, honking as usual. The original picture is actually very sharp, it is just that the composition is rubbish. Which is my fault.

Pic.No.3. This is my dinner this evening. It was taken at really low light levels and looks a bit shit and grainy [note to self: need to check settings because S95 is notorious for its ability to perform in low lighting]

Pic.No.4. This is a gratuitous picture of my guest bedroom. I wanted to see how 'wide angle' the camera could be, and it performed perfectly. Huzzar!

Pic.No.5. This is me attempting to take a picture of my new camera

Pic.No.6. And then I ventured outside. And took a picture of a random pile of logs, and some orange trees in the background. It was twilight when the picture was taken, so the camera did really well

Pic.No.7 The sun setting over Oxford in the distance. This picture looks fab in high resolution

So all in all, I have to concur with the online reviews of the Canon PowerShot S95 digital camera. It is bloody brilliant. Tomorrow I am going to play with all the other different settings that it has.

I am so excited that I bet I won't sleep properly.

P.S. What is your favourite gadget?

P.P.S. Robert was right. This camera would not work until I bought an SD card. It has no memory at all and won't work until the SD card is inserted. 


  1. I really can't believe they left that outside your front door. Losers. I also can't believe that the first picture you took was off a buddha with a second-hand ear.

  2. Keep the updates coming, I think I might have one! As to fav gadg - not sure, my fav camera...

  3. Oh my goodness. Love the pics. I swear by all things Canon. Looking forward to catching up on your blog. I've been a neglectful reader.

  4. You are really going to have to work hard to break that one!! I knew it would not come with an SD card!!

    My favourite gadget......
    I have a few.
    My smart phone
    My amateur radio equipment
    My computer
    My camera

    But they are in no specific order.

  5. Thank F for that... I was getting sooooooooo bored of you nicking pics from the internet!

  6. Love the picture of the sunset. Looks brilliant. So, glad the guest bedroom looks ready for my arrival so I can see the countryside in person!

    Favorite gadget - iPhone 4. It keeps me in touch with my hubby while he travels. I can even take and send pics and video of the kids and their shenanigans to him. That way, he can testify that they "had it coming" when I send them to their rooms.

  7. your guest room looks perfectly satisfactory. i'll be there in a fortnight!

    and you don't want to know what my favorite gadget is.

  8. Woo hoo! I noticed in the picture of you trying to get a picture of your camera that you didn't follow my instructions for putting it in the camera bag for protection. *shakes head sadly*

    *points to self* Aspiring photog...favorite gadget is ABSOLUTELY my camera!! =)

  9. I still only know how to use mine on 'Auto'....after 2 years!!!! BTW...You have a wonderful home! xxx

  10. Your post has inspired me to get cracking with my new camera too - I've got so used to not having one (having drowned it in a washing-up bowl in one of the driest places on earth!) that I forget to whip it out now!

    Amazon? You're right - they are little buddahs!

  11. I thought Buddas were always depicted as being very fat ? In T'ai Chi we were told that Buddas have pot bellies as they are full of Chi. Did your ones Chi escape when his ear fell orf ?

    Still not suure about this downsizing lark with my new camera - hope you enjoy yours.

    PS. When can I move into your guest room ?

  12. Penny you beat me to it.

    Want the guest room - want the camera, although couldn't possibly use it FARRRR too complicated. Your supper didn't look bad either!

  13. Yes, I think I shall be very cozy and comfy in your sweet little guest room. What a cute house and beautiful surroundings. When I got my Sony cybershot, I just put it on AUTO, too. Enjoy you're new toy!

  14. A new camra eh? And photographing piles of wood brings the best of it out...doesn't it :)

    Glad you got the new toy. Looking forward to your new art invite me to the showing...I am a groupie you know :)

    Be well,

  15. Congratulations on your new toy! I don't own an expensive camera. In fact, the only camera I own is on my Android phone. Which is a good segue to answering your question. My Android 2 is my favorite gadget. Well, not my FAVORITE. My favorite gadget is named Pinky BOB but I figured that this may be a family site and posting that would be wrong! =)

  16. Hello Techno Junkie, welcome to the dark side.


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