Thursday, 20 January 2011

This is the most seriousest blog I have ever written

Man alive! Don't you just hate it when you accidentally dye half of your five-year-old's face brown? Yeh, I committed a fundamental schoolboy error today ...... for some reason, Izzy decided that she loved me, and gave me a big cheek-to-cheek hug. And I let her, forgetting that I had applied fake tan not five minutes previously. Given that she has ginger hair and a cadaverous pallor, I now face the epic task of trying to scrub it off without causing permanent skin damage. Bummer.

Well, either that, or I could let her go to school with half a brown face. But the teachers already look at me funny, so I didn't fancy brazening that one out.

Everything had been going to well up to that point. Izzy has been a bit fascinated with dobbins recently, so I earned double brownie points today when I took her to the fields behind the village to stroke a real-life horse.

Pic.No.1. Izzy stroking an unimpressed-looking dobbin

And in case you were wondering - yes! It is the same nag that chased Naughty George a few days ago because NG was running around its legs and woofing. I am surprised the little git didn't get a hoof in his face for his trouble.

This is the serious business-end of today's blog.

Before I forget, you will be pleased to hear that I fulfilled my New Year's (kind of) resolution, and that I am now working fulltime. But when it comes to blogging, the time I have got available has reduced shitloads somewhat. But before you panic, let me tell you that I have no intention of stopping. No sirree, I love bombarding you with crap too much.

Previously when I used to blog, I would do three things; (1) write my own blog; (2) reply to people's comments on my blog; and (3) read other people's blogs and comment on them.

Now, I only have time to do two of the three things. So, there is no way I am stopping blogging, and there is no way I am stopping reading and commenting on the blogs I follow. But, I don't have time to reply to each comment on MY blog as well. So, that is why I haven't been as active in that field as I would have liked.

But please keep the comments coming ........ every five minutes, one or other of you makes me laugh my head off (ha ha bonk) and it brightens my day, and although I may not reply to each one directly, you can rest in the knowledge that is is SUPER appreciated. So using the time that I save, I will be visiting your blog and commenting on that instead. Does that sound like a plan? Jeez, I am like the 'A Team'. I could run into a garage with a spanner and a few tin cans, and come out with a tank.

Blimey, I have never written a blog so serious before. If I don't watch out, I could accidentally become a political commentator ....... talking of which, that Blair has a lot to answer for doesn't he?

Uggggghhhh! It's starting to happen!


  1. WORK! Now that is the four letter no one wants to do isn't it! No worries, though I shall remain a devotee of yours until the wheels fall off my chassie! After reading about your record of accidents I hope you got a desk job, one where the desk is bolted down and you work without staplers, rollers on your chair, scissors, glue or...oh hell, it might be more fun if you do (blog wise) lol *hugs*

  2. hmmmm. i fear for izzy's schoolyard popularity this quarter. i feel a call to child services is order.

    oh shit, it's long distance? ah, never mind. she's a tough kid.

    and as long as you're still around bloggerland, we'll take how ever much of you we can get.

    pis.s. unless you "boff" trent reznor.

    i'm watching you.

  3. Yeh Lisa, I am feeling all hard-done-by with all this work thing going on. Glad you are gonna hang around... you are my proper cyber-buddy!

  4. HA Kage..... I can broadly agree to not boffing Trent Reznor, but if he directly propositions me, I can't honestly say what I would do!!

  5. A serious Annie!!! Who knew?
    Good to hear you are a 'working gal' now. As far as your blog time? Do what ya gotta do girl. You'll still be around and that's what's important! We wouldn't LET you disappear, you know!

  6. Personally... I never commented on a comment 'til I met you !!

    Don't disappear we luv ya too much xx

  7. Nah, there is no way I am disappearing. I want to continue until my nickname is 'fly in the ointment'!!

  8. P.S. Ironically, I have blogged more since I started work. But just commented on my comments less! Hurray!

  9. And so this "serious comment" will fall into the abyss because all of a suden you are gainfully employed...go figure!

    You go girl. I [as a serious stalker] will follow you anyway and hang on every word you write...okay mostly I'm pissed because you are supposed to guest post on my blog...but no matter...I am a true beliver in all things Anne Dickens.

    P.S. ha dIzzy gone to school half brown face...I can see the international headlines regarding bigatry and total anti political correctness...sorry, it's just what the media loves and how they react...good luck with the fau tan :)

  10. So it sounds as if Izzy will have some fun this week, earning some notoriety for having half a tanned face. Bless her. Silly mummy

    Loving the blog. And if it means less time to respond to comments don't worry! As nice as it is sometimes to acknowledge stuff I don't think people expect it... bt I might be wrong

  11. I just think that you and Izzy are ahead of the trend. Before the posh were adopting babies of different races from foreign countries, but now maybe the posh will have their own babies and die them different colors.

    I think we have a new trend on our hands.

  12. Congrats on the job, even though I know how work cuts into life.

    So that's a dobbin! It's a horse. I could never figure out what the hell you were talking about.

    Hope Izzy has returned to normal.

  13. Glad to hear about your change employment status if that's what you truly want. But I'm a lot happier to hear that you're not stopping this. There aren't many blogs I really make an effort to get to each day, but your's is one of them.:)

  14. did you need stitches after you bit a hole in your cheek attempting the serious? =-p

    My real and true question though...what the fuck were you thinking? WORK?! You are putting true, professional mentalists, such as myself, to shame with this reckless insanity of yours! *shakes head sadly* For shame Annie! For SHAME! *pout*

  15. Full-time work? Heavens no....!

    Love the fake tan story! I once fell asleep on the beach while wearing a baseball cap, which as you know have that little triangle on the back where the cap adjusts, and yes the cap was on backwards cuz I am such a street hip hop dude, so I walk up with a pink triangle "tattoo" on my forhead. Yes totally appropo, and know I don't know what the hell this has to do with anything....

  16. Fake tan? What is this new job and why does it involve looking like Gavin Henson?

    Don't worry about the replies, but don't stop posting as you make oi larf.

  17. Here's a comment. Look, I know that's weak, but that's all I got time for too. Stupid school/work/yoga/husband/horse/dog.

  18. LOL Mrs Tuna! You have my complete symapthy. What's with the dobbin?

  19. Seriousest is an awesome word! I have had no time for blogging either! I am doing way too much! I will force myself, however, to stay in the loop. I laughed so hard that I peed a little when I heard that you turned your daughter into a different ethnicity all of her own! So sorry for her but what are parents for if not to ruin their kids' lives and dye their faces?

  20. First I had to do a google search to figure out what a dobbin is. My 7 year old Holsteiner jumper got laminitis with an 8 degree rotation in his right hind last August. He is on 8 to 12 months of stall rest while we wait for his hoof to grow back. Thank goodness I had medical insurance on him. He's grown back about 65% and is sound but its like watching paint dry. Ugggggg.

  21. Which half of her face is dyed brown? The top half, or the bottom half?

  22. Keep blogging. You make me smile.


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