Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Stuffed cats are the way forward

I love reading other people's blogs I do. There is always stuff going on, and if I had the time, I could quite easily spend my life blogging about other people's blogs.

Take today for instance. I went to visit one of my fave blogs written by Penny and called The Hen House. It was her wedding anniversary and she had been trying to take an arty picture of the lilies she had received from her husband.

Pic.No.1. Arty shot of lilies with an interloper in the background

Things would have gone swimmingly if her cat, Frankie, hadn't sneaked into the shot and started yawning. I took one look at it and thought 'bloody hell. If that ever cat died I would want to get it stuffed in that exact same position. And then bolt it onto trolley and wheel it around town. How much street cred would I have?'

And, as well as deterring muggers, I bet I would get really good service from shop assistants.

So, do you have a particular pose that you favour when it comes to stuffing your pets and bolting them onto a trolley?


  1. Well ! Here am I come over to visit after your insensitive comments about stuffing my cat & wheeling her round for all & sundry to see in a clapped out pram and .... you are parading her here !!!

    Did you know.... ? those horrid stainey stameney things in lilies are poisionous to cats ? I have no idea where I read or heard that - but I did.

    Maybe Frankie had tried one & was trying to bring it up. Normally she looks like a purr-fect princess & behaves like one too.

  2. frankie makes the shot :) i need to post more pics on my blog, but most of them are on my facebook page. darned blogspot takes so long to upload. have a nice day.

  3. I suppose I shall have to think that one over as I've never really considered stuffing any of my pets and bolting them to a trolley.

    When I leave your blog, I always feel strangely intoxicated... ;)

  4. Annie, I am seriously starting to 'worry' about you girl! Stuffing cats?! Funny thing though, I can see you doing it! lol

  5. Very interesting post. I've never thought about that question before and I'll stop thinking about it now (or at least try to) since the thought of my lovies dieing and me stuffing them is nauseating. LOL.

  6. Hi Annie!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting the Follow Friday 40 and Over Blog Hop!

    I am now following you. Please follow me if you haven't already done so!!

    I would also like to invite you to join the Over 40 Bloggers Club!! Take a look and join in the fun!

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Stuffing your pets and bolting them onto a trolley?

    Someone was on the Gordons early last night :)

    Java's got a cheek inviting you to join the Over 40s Bloggers Club, someone will be asking you down to the Derby and Joan next, you mark my words.

  8. Andy Warhol had his doberman stuffed and mounted on a skateboard. Roy Rogers had his horse "Trigger" stuffed and he was on display in a museum for years.
    You'll be in elite company if you start stuffing your pets :).

  9. Please God tell me that you're not seriously thing of having Naughty George stuffed when he's done being naughty on this mortal plane. Somehow I don't think Izzy would handle that very well. Just get yourself a James Garfield instead.

  10. i think that stuffing a dead cat and bolting it to a trolley to wheel about town is just cruel, annie.


    why not bolt down a live one?! then he can meow and say hi to everyone as you let go of the trolley and watch it veer madly down the street!

    animals have rights too, hun. let's not forget that.

  11. Eh up Penny, I 'fess up! I nicked your cat pic for my blog because it amused me so much *wink*

    I didn't know those stameny things were poisonous to cats. I might invest in some lilies - oops, I think I might have accidentally revealed that I am not much of a cat person!

  12. Hiya Poet - yeh, I like pics on blogs too. If your pics are taking ages to upload, they are probably too big. Reduce their size to a maximum of 600px wide and you'll find it loads quicker!

  13. Awww thanks Jayne.... I think. I am viewing your intoxication as a good thing!

  14. Hi Jim, oh yeh, I have got my sights set on Naughty George. I keep checking his pulse so that I don't miss my window of opportunity.

  15. Blimey Mrs K, so you seriously haven't thought about stuffing your pets and bolting them onto a trolley? Weird....!

  16. Hi Java, as luck would have it, I am already following you. And I am just about to pop over to your over 40 blog thing. But I need to emphasise that I am only just eligible!!

  17. Eh up Gumpher, funnily enough, I had two old dears trying to persaude me to join the Womens Institute. I am getting paranoid that life hasn't been kind to my face.

  18. Hiya Ron. That just proves my point that stuffing pets is the way forward. Warhol was a pioneer, but I don't know who the other bloke was.

  19. How are you BB? Yeh, of course I am considering it. I am so excited about the idea that I am also considering not waiting until he snuffs it from natural causes. LOL! Only joking! About not waiting for natural causes...... *wink*

  20. Kage! You are brilliant. That would allow me to take Naughty George around town immediately I purchase a trolley. You are good, girl!

  21. Hi Annie,
    I love your accident descriptions, that made me laugh out loud. Thank you for stopping by my blog, you are too kind. I'll be popping by again.

  22. Wonder if you can stuff a cat taking a whizz? I don't know if it would deter muggers, but it would definitely be interesting.

    Or maybe killing a mouse.

    Or taking a crap.

    Or scratching my eyes out.

    Endless possibilities.

  23. Annie.... would you like my leftover: cough mixture / gargle/ paracetamol/ ibuprophen/ nasal spray/ cough losenges/ steam inhailers/ antibiotics... ?

    I feel... YOUR NEED IS GREATER THAN MINE ! or I could just send you a cat...I have three...or a hen ???

  24. Hey yeh Penny! if your cough medicine contains ethanol, you can definitely send it my way. Plus a couple of spare cats wouldn't go amiss .... I would nuture them as my own pet and would definitely NOT bolt them onto a trolley.

  25. Stopping by to show some love :)
    your blog is great :)
    I am following you now

    Hugs n love

  26. Nicki - you are brilliant! How cool would it be to have a stuffed cat taking a wizz? You are inspired gal!


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