Tuesday, 11 January 2011

It's 'Gruesome Injury Day'! Let's compare accidents! - Part 1

Apparently there was an error with the formatting of this post, so I have re-published it. I kept this post alive because your comments are on it!

Could someone let me know if the formatting errors are now corrected in the new post? Chars dahlinks!


  1. Holy Moly Anne! And I thought I was a klutz??? I hope you are doing okay. Whatever is left that wasn't broken...wrap it in bubble wrap and lay on the floor so you don't have far to fall.

    Get well soon...and keep the bubble wrap handy.

  2. P.S. Rather than go into a diatribe about my injuries...read http://ifihadablogpart2.blogspot.com/2010/03/dont-laugh-well-okaygo-ahead-my.html
    for a typical event in my life :)

  3. adventurous aren't you? hope nothing horrid occurs this year. i was gonna say just stay in the house, but since the chair did collapse.....

  4. I feel a bit queasy now after reading your list of injuries.

    I am not safe in the kitchen, and these days no-one comes running to see if I am ok they just call out if there is no response from me after a while.


  5. HELL Annie...I'm with Reed up there, Wrap yourself in a bubble wrapping and put a condom over that, you need PROTECTION! Do you hate yourself? HAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, take up some kind of safe hobby like Paint dry watching, or Grass growing measurer, and if that doesn't work for you just add me to your will <3 *huggles*

  6. And here I thought that you would have said that the fire and brimstone of broken ribs would have qualified as one of the most painful injuries you've sustained. Huh!

    Gruesome Injury Day? Are you petitioning for a world wide holiday for klutzes to get into even more trouble? Diabolical is what that is! Evil klutz of a woman you! =)

    Never had a fractured coccyx, but one that was deeply bruised after trying to pretend I was any good at roller skating when roller skating was something kids still did....hurt like a BITCH! Other than that stitches in my hands for one reason or another...

    Pretty boring me apparently! =-p

  7. Sounds like you need a keeper.

  8. Dude! I would tell you to just stay in bed and watch TV, but you'd probably just end up suffocating yourself. ;)

  9. You are clearly far too active for your own good ! Join the WI and go to talks on winter gardening - it sounds safer !

    1985 - On a Kibbutz in Israel hammered on Arrak ( like Oozo or pernod ) spun round a pole- fell off onto my shoulder & busted my colarbone. Was set by a drunk Russian Doc .

  10. Blimey!! So I'm not alone! And I thought I was the ultimate klutz! LOL! Are you sure you're not a masochist?!!! I worry for you!!!

  11. I am so interested in the gorey details being an EMT and all but I can't read your blog. =( The typed words go against the beautiful tree pic and they just blend right in. Is it my computer only? I want to read it! =) Not sure if these injuries are old or new (cuz I can't read it) but I hope you are ok!!!

  12. On my computer the words are in a white box with the lovely pic behind it.

    Anyway, I thought I was the only one who could hurt myself without getting out of my chair. My niece is a real live ballerina and no one can believe we are related.

    But my injuries have not been that gruesome or interesting. I have also broken my coccyx. Sprained both ankles multiple times. Put my tooth through my lip when I hit it on the rail of a swimming pool ladder.

    The most painful was one of the ankle sprains. I was waiting tables in a bar, which I do not recommend for clumsy people. It was supposed to be a nice bar, but a fight broke out, distracting me from the hazards of walking across a room. I did not see the two steps going down to a lower section. My foot and ankle went sideways. I did not get up for a few minutes and sort of forgot where I was. I was needless to say covered in booze. One of my nice regulars got up and helped me to the wall and had to use his cell phone to call my boss.

    I still remember the kids stepping over me to get to the dance floor.

    This whole experience greatly increased my motivation to get my degree. Now I get paid to stare at a computer and type a word now and then. But I was recently voted most likely to spill my coffee in my lap. Probably because I have done it like 14 times.

  13. Jewell me dear... you and me are sistas! We have both had coccyx injury.. and yeh... I agree... SHIT it hurts.

    And guess what? Lil Sis Boombah is in the gang too... Hurray! In fact, I think she out-clumsies us all ... Respect Lil Sis!

  14. Ok....you know I got all excited knowing that I've found out that I have a sista...because - well I'm a boring only child. BUT.....

    Then I caught on to you and your diabolicalness....you are just trying to start another bloody damned splinter group. One made up of women who've had coccyx injuries...OR you are wanting to start a splinter group of people who have had said injuries but are the only ones that are allowed to ever use the word coccyx because you think it sounds vaguely dirty and you want to make money off of it's commercial use....

    Yeah - see...just when I thought you were flattering me ... damn, you are GOOD - evil but good. =)

  15. Oh young one, you should take better care of your body. You still have so many years ahead of you. If we do meet next summer we'll have to compare scars. I'm pretty sure I've got you beat; but then I have more than a few years on you; and I fall down at the drop of a hat.

    Get Izzy to roll you up in some bubble wrap.


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