Thursday, 9 December 2010

I thought you might like this cool video

As I was lurking around other people blogs today, I stumbled upon a rather cool video on Jim's blog, called Ocean Breezes. So I decided (without any remorse) to nick it and stick it on my blog.

I was also going to try and pass it off as my own find, but I thought that plagiarism and theft might be pushing it a bit too far. Anyway, instead of listening to me yack, have a watch of this.........

Vid.No.1. One of those videos where a bunch of professional singers infiltrates a real crowd and then bursts into song

Now you can't tell me that those random acts of culture are not cool?!


  1. I saw that on a friend's fb. and got to looking at other posts that they had done. amazing. have a GREAT day, and give Naughty-George a pet for us~

  2. How great is that! It would be such fun to be there...loved it.


  3. Yes I liked that, have put the video on my computer for future viewing.

  4. Annie....that was fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing that!

    I wish the malls that I could frequent would be that cool! =) Of course, here in Redneck-ville I am pretty sure the closest we would come to a "Random Act of Culture" is a rousing rendition of "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"! LOL =)

  5. Annie, thank yo so much for posting that! It made me tear up!!!

  6. My thoughts exactly...this is way cool. My husband would appreciate this one--gotta show it to him when he gets home. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Nick all you want Annie! It's good to move this around to as many people as possible. The impact this creates is palpable. I was moved to tears.

  8. I love stuff like that.

  9. Aww thanks chaps for letting me know you liked it! I thought it was superb too.

    And Jim at Ocean Breezes didn't mind me nicking either! Double bonus!

  10. P.S. Jim, same here.. once the finale came, I shed a tear too. What a wuss!


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