Wednesday, 8 December 2010

How to: Add Twitter feeds to your Facebook profile

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to automatically post your Tweets to Facebook, so that you don't have to access both sites? Well this is a tutorial on how to use the Twitter application to connect your Twitter account with Facebook, so that whenever you Tweet, it appears on your Facebook page. Cool eh?

You will need an existing Twitter account to set up the feed from Twitter to Facebook. 

1. Login to facebook

2. In the search box at the top of the page, type in 'Twitter'. Click on the 'Twitter Application'

Pic.No.1. Finding the Twitter application

3. The Twitter application will load up. Click on the blue button that says 'Go to Application'

Pic.No.2. Installing the Twitter application

4. You need to allow Facebook to connect to your Twitter feed

Pic.No.3 Click on the 'Allow' button

4. Login to your Twitter account to verify that you own it. 

Pic.No.4. A snapshot of the login screen that will appear if you aren't already logged into your Twitter account

5. Make sure you have given Twitter permission to post updates on your Facebook profile

Pic.No.5. Verification page

Check the box called 'Allow Twitter to post updates to'.

That's it! Your Twitter and Facebook accounts are now linked. Next time you Tweet, your Facebook wall will be automatically updated.

Please let me know if you found these instructions useful by leaving a comment. Many thanks!


  1. Good to know kiddo. Did you also know that when you post to your blog if you go to Amplify you can also link to about 15 other social media places at the same time?

  2. Dont tell her that Bodacious, she does nothing but social mediarize now!

  3. Cool. Discovered this one last week... now bombarding my facebook friends with inane twitter updates. You're welcome.

  4. thanks for this, it is a useful guide. It makes me wonder though if the whole of the internet will be run through facebook one day!!!


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