Thursday, 19 August 2010

Oh no, not again........

Bloody cracking start to the day today.

Managed to superglue my fingers onto the lid of a child's teapot. Bloody typical.

Pic.No.1. The lid from a child's teapot. Stuck to my fingers

Have you ever tried to extricate your fingers from the lid of a child's teapot? I can tell you right now that it is surprisingly tricky, especially if you want to keep your fingerprints.

Anyway else got an accident du jour? I hate suffering on my own.


  1. What I think is fab is the way you've either taken this picture of yourself while stuck to a teapot, or at least got someone else to do it! Hope it all got sorted .... you'll have a problem wearing gloves in the winter otherwise ...

  2. Try rubbing olive oil between your fingers - works for me every time :)

    Thanks for visiting my little blog. I happen to love pizza of every ilk, so I'm considering your comment a compliment!

  3. A-ha! Now it works ... (posting, that is).
    I sympathise Anne, even if I did snigger a little when I saw your photo. :D
    I hope no teapot lids were damaged ... how did you get it off btw?

  4. Acetone Nail Polish Remover.. if you can manage to get your hands on it while the teapot is attached. Superglue and I have a love/hate relationship.
    I love the way it works.. I hate that I end up gluing everything around me when I use it.

  5. Thanks for visiting me!!! Looking forward to reading more on your blog

    That whole supergluing finger to something scares the crap out I me. I stay away from superglue as much as possible. Hope you are free now!

  6. Ann, Ann, Ann....seriously, what are we going to do with you?

    First, I honestly don't know a thing for certain about England, but the closest certainty I do have is with regard to your weather...really? Drying the laundry outside? Do you have enough days in the year to be able to even do that successfully? =)

    Secondly, I'm thinking that since you are working at a deficit (muddy clean clothes and super fingers stuck to the tea pot lid) to things working in your favor (watch still working) it might be advisable to end up back in bed with the covers over your head before you create serious, and possibly embarrassing, bodily injury. =) Just a suggestion! =)

    Not at all laughing at your calamities today ... nope ... not a bit! *wink*

    Jewell =)

  7. I am way too clumsy that being sad, I have never used superglue for the reason you posted here.

  8. Again? AGAIN? This has happened more than once?


  9. I may have said this before but... mentalist!

  10. Personally? I'd glue another teapot to your thumb and voila - castanets! It's brilliant!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm going to follow you too - you're hysterical!

  11. Ooh hello! I am a bit behind with replying to my comments. Thanks for your suggestions about removing the teapot. In the end, I managed to pull my fingers free with a little scraping, but I did lose my fingerprints in the process.

    After reading what you said, I am also glad that it isn't just me who screws up with superglue.

    Love the castanets idea. I am seriously thinking of reattaching two more lids!! Have a great weekend!


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