Thursday, 6 May 2010

General Election Day! How exciting.............

How exciting! Today is the day of the General Election in the UK, so tomorrow, we could potentially have a new government. I had already decided that I was definitely going to vote, but I couldn't remember the last time we actually had an General Election in the UK........... so it all felt quite new and enthralling. 

Pic.No.1. The three party leaders bricking themselves about the General Election

I headed off to the Polling Station (the village hall) before work, and upon entering the room, I was faced with two chaps sitting behind a desk.

"I'd like to vote please," I said, handing them my Polling Card, which had been delivered to my house a week earlier.

One of the chaps studied my Polling Card officiously and said, "please can you tell me your name and address?"

"They're on there," I replied, pointing to the card that I had just given him.

"Sorry, you have to say your name and address out loud," he responded.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because it's the rules," he replied.

"What if I was mute? Would that mean I couldn't vote?" I asked him.

The second officianado intervened, "no, we have special procedures in place for disabled voters," he sighed, "they can bring in a Carer to state their name and address for them. Now, could you please tell me your name and address."

So, I picked up my Polling Card from the table in front of them and read out my printed name and address..... "Can I vote now?" I asked them.

Second officianado looked incredulous; "you just read your name and address from that Polling Card," he said.

"I know," I replied, "but I still said it out loud, as requested."

It was at this point that both chaps gave up the debate, and decided to hand me my precious Ballot Paper.

I took the Ballot Paper with both hands and carefully studied the list of glittery candidates ..... this was my vote..... and a vote hard-won by the suffragettes of yester-year.

Ballot Paper secured, I ensconced myself in a little voting booth and picked up the pencil attached to the tabletop with a piece of string........ and I put a big, fat X next to the Conservative candidate ........

Pic.No.2. David Cameron and his missus, Samantha

I folded my Ballot Paper, and carefully fed it into the small slot of the Ballot Box located next to the two glaring officianado chaps ..... and then I headed to work. I had done my duty....... but was it the right decision? EEK, only time will tell.

P.S. I meant to ask you - is it rude to ask other people who they voted for? The reason being, I asked someone today, and they replied; 'none of your business." They then punctuated the comment with something like, "you nosey moose." ....... ummmmmm.


  1. My Dad always told me not to ask, it makes people uncomorftable if they tell you a party that they don't think you support...Hubbies family would be mortified if they knew how he voted ...

    I did a postal vote for the Tories, upholding my right as a ex-pat to vote.

    Please don't let the creepy one back in ...

  2. People are really sensitive about this, aren't they. I'm not. I'm happy to tell you I voted for the 'Only Put One Cross' Party. Oh ... was that just an instruction? Ah.

  3. I couldn't decide so I put a 'X' against all of them.*

    It seems to me that you should hop over to and get yourself on their register.

    * that was a joke. I voted for the Monster Raving Loony Party because the thought of voting for wriggly Cameron who flipped, flopped and turned himself inside out on gay rights earlier this week, would have made me ill.

  4. I wasn't going to bother voting as I had more interesting things to do (some Ikea bookcases to put together). But the current Mrs Masher harangued me with "Your vote might make all the difference" until I eventually caved in and strode up to the polling station late last night.

    I put my X against the candidate with the double-barrelled surname.

    But it didn't make any difference at all, it seems. The BBCs map shows Luton as a little island of red nestling in a sea of blue.

  5. People are sensitive about issues like voting, but then there are those who will be in your face making sure you know who they support. Good luck with the results!


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