Sunday, 11 April 2010

Update 3: I think I have a gadget delivery malfunction

So as you already know from Update 1 and Update 2; a week and a half ago, I purchased an expensive laptop from Curry's Electricals (Store A). Since that time, I have been embroiled in a constant battle to find out when I am likely to receive the machine, even though they told me it was in stock when I bought it.

The problem arose because the 'stock' they were referring to at the time of purchase, was held at a seperate store (Store B), and Store B were steadfastly refusing to relinquish a laptop to Store A.

The matter was referred to a crack team at Curry's HQ, who (allegedly) have the power to do 'whatever it takes' to ensure customer satisfaction. They contacted Store B and told them that they had to free up a laptop and ship it to Store A for collection by me. It sounded promising......... until yesterday.

Pic.No.1. I did an internet search for 'Currys crap customer service' and found this image that a disgruntled customer had made

I went into Curry's Store A to arrange for DHL to collect the item from Curry's Store B. Jon, the manager approached me.

"Sorry, we can't arrange for the laptop to be collected," he said forlornly.

"What?" I said, "I have been categorically told by your crack HQ team that a laptop has been allocated to me and that it was ready to collect from Store B."

Jon shifted around a bit; "apparently it was the General Manager of Curry's Store B that agreed to that, and he is now on holiday. I spoke to the Deputy Manageress, and she told me that she needs all the laptops for another customer so you can't have one."

"WHAT?" I exlaimed dispairingly, clutching at straws; "can't you contact that crack HQ team again, and get them to force the Deputy Manageress to release of one of the laptops?"

"I already did," Jon replied, "but the guy I dealt with originally was on holiday, so I was put through to someone new called Gem. She told me that she doesn't have any power to order stock transfers."

"So that means that I am back to square one," I sighed disbelievingly, "I have paid for a laptop and I still have no idea when I am going to get it."

Jon shuffled around a bit more, "there is a bit of hope," he added. "The General Manager of Store B is back from holiday on Monday, so I plan to contact him about the promise he made to free up a laptop from his stock."

Yeh, yeh, yeh. Call me a cynic, but I couldn't see that happening..... Currys Electricals have finally succeeded in not only battering down, but pissing on my eternal optimism.

"And what if the General Manager of Curry's Store B refuses to do it?" I asked dejectedly.

"Then unfortunately you will have to wait for another five weeks until additional new stock of that laptop arrives."

Pic.No.2. It is getting quite amusing regarding the effort that people put into their customer experience with Currys - I found another person who had posted this image entitled 'Currys Customer'

So let's summarise the performance of Curry's Electricals. I order a laptop which is in stock. I pay for it because they tell me that it will be ready to collect within two working days. BUT, in reality it is probably going to be six and a half weeks before I get the laptop... and I am not even confident of that because this company specialises in spewing forth ineffectual, inaccurate and airy fairy information.

So chaps, please can I offer you some heartfelt advice; NEVER, EVER shop at Currys Electricals. They are completely and utterly, bloody useless. None of the departments know their arse from their elbow. They have demonstrated a complete inability to communicate internally, and instead of working together, each department is so intent on protecting their own little niche, that the company as a whole is completely incapable of delivering even the most basic form of customer service.

Oh looky here - a website with 70 independent reviews of Currys Customer Satisfaction. Make sure you click on 'show all' comments to properly appreciate the car crash.

I suspect that my laptop will be obsolete by the time I receive it, but I shall keep you informed.

Crikey....... I just realised........ that was quite a rant wasn't it?


  1. One simple piece of advice insist on a full refund and buy elsewhere.

  2. As Robert says, demand your money back. Then go to Comet. They have it in stock and it's a hundred quid cheaper.

  3. Unfortunately the laptop is an insurance replacement so I paid with the laptop with vouchers. The vouchers are specifically for Currys which leaves me with my hands tied.

  4. Ahh, I see.

    Lucky for Curry's that your laptop isn't critical for your line of work, else you could sue them for a loss of earnings, resulting from their incompetence.

  5. Thats a shame, check the receipt when you get it and make sure it's dated the day you receive it and not the day you paid for it.

  6. Ahh, I see.

    Curry's are fortunate that your laptop isn't critical to your work, else they could find you sueing them over a loss of earnings caused by their incompetence.

  7. Stop dealing with the stores, you're going nowhere like that.

    1. Put together the timeline in bullet-point format.
    2. Call Currys head office
    3. Ask for the press officer
    4. Get his/her name and email address
    5. Email the bullet-points to Currys with a tagline that in 24 hours the same email will be sent to The Consumers Association/Which? magazine
    6. Add that the email will also be sent to the BBC's Watchdog programme
    7. Add that the email will also be sent to your MP and the MP of the constituency where Currys head office is
    8. Add that you will also send the email to The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail and The Daily Mirror
    9. Wait.


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