Tuesday, 20 April 2010

More gadget shopping anyone?

What, with my daughter stranded in France because of an erupting volcano (that's not a sentence I use often), I was left to spend the weekend with a friend called Sarah who had come down from Leeds.

She rocked up on Friday afternoon, and I dragged her inside to show her my new laptop.

"Look at that! How cool is that?" I asked her.

"I'm not really into laptops," she replied, shattering my enthusiasm. People from up North just aren't normal.

"Oh," I replied dejectedly.

"But I was thinking about buying an iPod soundDock," she added.

Ah! I immediately spotted, and latched onto, the possibility of going gadget shopping.

"There is a Retail Park in South Oxford which has a number of electricals shops, we can go there and have a look if you like," I suggested.

"Yeh, ok then," she replied. "But only a look mind you, I am not buying anything until I get paid next month."

"Scouts' honour, dib dib dib, and all of that," I replied seriously, doing the scout sign with my right hand. 


Twenty minutes later, we arrived at South Oxford retail park and were faced with not one, but three huge electrical stores; Maplins, Comet and Currys. 

"Let's go," said Sarah, heading off towards Currys. 

"STOP right there." I shouted after her. "There is no way in a hundred million years that you are buying anything from that store."

"Why?" asked Sarah perplexedly. 

"Long story [which can be read here]," I replied, steering her towards Comet, "but suffice to say that Currys are the retail equivalent of sediment in a bottle of wine." [Ha ha, take that Currys! Revenge is sweet].

Once in Comet, Sarah was cooing over various iPod docks for all the wrong reasons; "I like this one, it's got a blue light-up bit at the back," or; "this one is just the right size to fit between my clock and African ornament."

"Forget them and come over here," I shouted at her, "what you need is a Bose SoundDock."

Pic.No.1. Bose SoundDock

I proudly pointed out the Bose display to Sarah, and then beckoned an assistant; "Excuse me, can we listen to one of these soundDocks in action?"

The assistant joined us and plugged in the soundDock whilst commenting; "Good choice. This small unit will fill the entire store with sound if you crank up the volume."

So Sarah did exactly that. She plopped her ipod onto the SoundDock and rather embarrassingly, filled the store with old people's music - 'Wild Horses' by the Rolling Stones. 

"It sounds amazing!" she exclaimed, gasping at the Bose in awe, "how much is it?"

"£199.99," replied the assistant. 

"Bargain!" I shouted.

"It's double my bloody budget," Sarah shouted back.

"You get what you pay for," I said, and then turned to the assistant, "what's the best price you can do it for?"

"I'll have to check with my manager," he replied and scuttled off. 

Once he was gone, I turned to Sarah and said, "come on, you and I need to quickly go to the computer section."

"Why?" she asked, as we approached a large display of laptops.

"To search the internet and found out how much the Bose SoundDock is going for next door in Maplins," I replied. 

"That's well cheeky, you can't do that!" she shouted in disbelief. 

"It's business," I replied firmly.

One Google search later and it was revealed that the minimum price of the Bose SoundDock was £199.99, so when the assistant returned and offered a 10% discount, it was a no brainer. 

"Yep," he said, "we can do it for £180.00."

"Deal," said Sarah without any persuasion, and marched off to the counter to pay. 

Once back at home, Sarah viewed me disparagingly; "I told you I only wanted to look at iPod docks, and not only have I bought one, but I've spent double my budget," she said.

"Sorry," I said hanging my head in shame, and then adding; "but it is a funky piece of kit. Why don't you get it out the box and fire it up?"

Pic.No.2 Sarah playing with her new Bose SoundDock in my living room

And so an hour passed. And I heard nothing from Sarah other the occasional loud burst of music, followed by 'ahhhh that's great,' then another burst followed by 'ooh, man alive, this thing is ace."

Job done. All that was needed was a meal out to celebrate. I prised Sarah from her SoundDock and we headed out to my local, the White Horse Inn.

Pic.No.3. Sarah. She bloody loves Thai food she does

Pic.No.4 Sarah is good at picking super tasty Thai currys from the menu

So, a day fulll of gadgets and eating out. It doesn't get much better than that.


  1. Ooh, gadget shopping and Thai food... now that is an awesome day!

  2. I love how yo have forgotten you are from up North!!!

  3. I can leave the gadget shopping. Can I just do the Thai thing, twice, for my ideal day?

  4. Brahm.... I know.... it was as good as it gets!

  5. Shut ya mush Clare, I am trying to be and windswept and interesting southerner. By the way, where's my flights?!!

  6. Noooooo Fran. I can help you love gadgets. Truly I can. But if I fail, I would love to take you to the Thai place.

  7. You are a very dangerous friend to have! I wish we lived closer. :) Would love to gadget shop and hang out. You have great taste in electricals. I priced the Bose dock last December. Cheaped out on an iHome dock, instead. I'm jealous of Sarah's Bose dock.

  8. I'm up in Leeds even as I type and you're right: they are weird. They talk funny too. Nice place, though.

    That's a cracking soundDock you have chosen for your friend.

    You've done well, young Dickens.

  9. Oooh masher *blush* glad you like my gadget choices!

    What the bloody hell are you doing in Leeds?

  10. Working.

    Somebody has to do it.


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