Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Me Engineer ......... you Drama Queen

So, for a change, I had a quiet weekend planned over Easter. Izzy was going to her Grandparents, and most of my chums were off to their rellys. That meant that my house was going to be like the Marie Celeste, and in turn, I had no excuse not to get all those odd-jobs done that had been hanging around for ages. [Actually, scrap 'quiet weekend', and replace with 'crap weekend'!]

First things, first. I bade goodbye to Izzy, who had decided to garb herself in full celebrity attire, complete with shades and up-to-the minute Bohemian scarf dahlink.

"Hey Iz, you look cool dude," I said to her.

Pic.No.1. Izzy - totally gnarly sister

"Thanks," she replied lazily, and (I kid you not) lifted up her Hello Kitty sunglasses to gaze at me with disdain.

Blimey, I had the distinct impression that I was cramping her style. 

"Don't even think about turning into a stage school kid," I commanded, somewhat aghast. Visions of small children donning false lashes and make-up filling my head - you know, like the ones you see in US Beauty pageants.

 Pic.No.2. Miss Mini UK. Doing this to children is just wrong. Mind you, I am a bit old-fashioned with these type things

In order to divert her from her stage-school persona, I bumbled, "just think about how good you were driving the Fork Lift Truck, you were a natural."

Disdain lingered, and even though I considered her Fork Lift Truck training as a solid grounding for her transition into adulthood and employment, I could tell she wanted to get on the road to the Grandparents.

I gave her a kiss, and waved her goodbye (admittedly finally getting a big, cheesy grin), but once alone, I had a flashback.

I was at Parent's Evening at the school. The teacher was telling me about Izzy's progress and the fact that she liked dressing up and roleplay better than anything else.

"She is going to be good at drama that one," the teacher noted.

A chill went down my spine. This could be bad....... very bad. I mean, I am a no-nonsense engineer, how would I cope if Izzy turned into my nemesis - a drama queen?

Just to prove the point................

Pic.No.3.  A day in the life of me.... as you can tell I haven't had my nails done recently ever

Pic.No.4. Could Izzy be mimmicking this hideous sight in the not too distant future? (not that the poor child is hideous mind you, it's just that she shouldn't be caked in make-up)

This is scaring me. I mean, if it happens we just ain't gonna get on. Kids shouldn't have fake tan and hair extensions; they should be outside digging in the mud, eating worms, and carefully picking a single daisy to lovingly present to you even though there are thousands more in the garden.

Uh huh. I love the worm-eating type, and I am sure I would have nothing to say to fake tan kid.

Ummmmm ...........maybe I should cancel Izzy's ballet lessons and enrol her on a mechanics course instead.......


  1. Looking forward to Mani & Pedi with Izz when you are next here... one day your feet will see a Pedicure....

  2. Looking forward to Mani & Pedi with Izz when you are next here... one day your feet will see a Pedicure....

  3. You mean the child in Picture 4 is REAL? I thought it was a doll, and then I read your caption. I think that proves your point!!!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Izzy!

    The little kids dressed up like beauty queens is just wrong...

  5. Jesus, those jazzed-up kiddie pics are so wrong. I quite like Izzie's Ozzie Osbourne look though.

  6. Get out of it Clare, I would rather chop my own leg off with a rusty blade than go to a beauty parlor!

  7. Oh, yes ..... that is a real child, and it is oh so wrong (but the parents will of course defend it by saying "I'm not pushy, little Tyler just lurvvves dressing up").

    glad you like the pic Brahm, I thought she looked a bit of a dude too!


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