Tuesday, 6 April 2010

It's the attention to detail that matters at Easter

So, as I have already mentioned, I had the weekend to myself, and after rearranging the fridge magnets, I started to wonder what I could do. It was Easter after all. I should be making an effort to create something special, albeit small, to mark the occasion. 

So after much pacing up and down the living room, and procrastinating with myself, I came up with two blinding ideas to make the day stand out:

1. Blinding idea number one; Publish a poignant and moving photograph that epitomises Easter. 

Pic.No.1. Poignant and moving - job done

2. Blinding idea number two; Instead of eating a normal meal, have a 'retro-lunch' - that will be far more memorable.

This idea took a bit of planning. I had to reminisce about the olden days, and then choose food that was suitably 'retro' in the hope that they sold it at the local supermarket. But I think you will agree ..... I did well. Bring on retro-lunch:

Pic.No.2. Starter - Monster Munch (it has to be Pickled Onion flavour to be properly retro)

Pic.No.3. Main Course - Pot Noodle (I bucked the trend a little because I chose a 'Bombay Bad Boy' which never existed in the old days because it contains 'spice', God forbid)

 Pic.No.4. Dessert - An *Easter egg

So, after an invigorating and unusual retro-lunch, I found myself full of energy and raring to do 'anything'.

Blimey, that's a bit lively.

Suspicious of my sudden 'surge', I took a quick look at the ingredients found that they constitute 99% E-numbers. Woah, that is strong stuff. It's a good job that I only partake when Izzy isn't here, or she would be bouncing off the walls for weeks.

*Easter Egg supplied courtesy of Father and Wicked Step Mother (WSM) who are currently in Ireland clog dancing at some Celtic festival or other, but they still managed to get it in the post in time for Easter.


  1. When are you going to start your 'Health Tips' blog?

  2. Pot Noodles are ace. And vegetarian!

  3. Eh up Fran, Bren has just told me that Pot Noodle is veggie so I might have a 'Health' cook book on the cards!

  4. Yeah Bren! Let's set up a Pot Noodle splinter group

  5. In my student days Pot Noodle was one of my staples. These days - because they're vegetarian - I don't feel in the least guilty when I have one.

  6. This is where you want to be with Pot Noodle:- http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=30195644647

  7. OMG Monster Munch will have you bouncing off walls...and they make your fingers feel wrong...


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