Sunday, 7 March 2010

Windows Upgrade for Northerners

After browsing the internet, I happened upon a new Windows upgrade..... for my northern chums. It contained a number of new language updates designed to make it more usable for those people residing in that inhospitable wasteland called 'The North'. Because I am an altruistic / saintly sort of person, I decided that it was only right to share my findings with you.

The following is a demo of the new navigation features in 'Windows N'.

Update 1. Revised 'Start' button

Update 2. Easy to navigate menus

Update 3. Clear prompts

Update 4. Comprehensive help files

Update 5. A new 'translation' feature

The new software is now available at all branches of 'Pound Stretcher', and for a limited period, all new purchases come with a FREE black pudding, and '10% off voucher' for Gala Bingo halls.

LOL! I could keep myself amused all day.........................


  1. This is so funny. Really enjoyed it. Why not have a go at a 'Cashpoint' one ...?

  2. Bloody brilliant idea! That gives me something to do next time I fire up Photoshop....!

  3. Being married to one of the Northern-types, this totally cracked me up and I am SO nicking it for my blog :-)

  4. Hello Fastfingers! Glad you like it. Maybe we should form a Norther wind-up collective... Ha ha


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