Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sat Nav "Issues"

Don't you just love (not) the randomness of that Sat Nav device brand-named the Tom Tom? Its particular skill involves the fact that you can drive to the same destination on four separate occasions, and it takes you on a different route each time. The variablility in the heuristics behind the application is almost verging on psychotic genius.

Well, my Sat Nav reached an all-time low today. I wanted to get myself from Didcot, back to Cowley (a suburb of Oxford). And for some un-bloody-believable reason it decided that the route (shown in the video below), was part of my optimal route.

Vid No. 1. Call this a road?

Look at it! It is a bloody dirt track! Ok. I might live in the countryside, but that doesn't mean that I wear sackcloth, chomp on dead rats or travel by horse and cart, so why on earth was this particular road planned into my route? You wouldn't have to suffer that indignity in London.... no sirree.

The only good thing about the road was that it took me past a wicked windmill, but I was so preoccupied with the state of the road that I forgot to photograph it for you.

P.S. Whilst I am having a rant about Sat Navs, has anyone else living in Oxford found that the infernal machine doesn't seem to have postcodes that match actual addresses? For example, you type in a postcode and it comes up with a different street to the one you want to go to. So then you try and find the destination by typing in the street name, but it can't find it. It is absolutely maddening and seems to be a lot worse since I moved to darkest deepest Oxfordshire.

Anyway, gotta go, I am off to Oxford City with Izzy (I have planned a surprise treat for her), so let's see where my Sat Un-Nav takes me this time!


  1. We've always had Garmins, but we've found that Dora (our device) has a love affair with certain roads, asking us to drive out of our way to take them for no apparent benefit. She doesn't give up easily. At least yours is fickle. Sounds like Tom Tom is still playing the field, looking for that one, oh so special road.

  2. You would not need a sat nav on a bus!!!!
    You are experiencing what many do and that is 100% trust in the technology.
    Not a good situation, machines can and do make mistakes when used for navigation, there are countless stories on the net of people going down one way streets the wrong way and ending up on railway lines and in one case I believe a river. is a good example.

  3. Dunno. Don't have one. I read maps. That's not smugness, that's me not really wanting one. But that road...? Bizarre that it guided you over that. But at least it was a nice day.

  4. The sat nav took them into a river? That has scared me now. I am gonna be eternally suspicous of that little sucker stuck to my windscreen.

  5. Blimey Bren, you read maps? I can't remember what they look like. But it's nice to hear about the olden days!


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