Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I am receiving complaints.. can you believe it?

Oh dear. It appears as though I am being admonished with regards to my tardiness in blogging this week.

Yep, I have actually received a few complaints that I haven't updated my blog enough. But hang on a cotton pickin' minute......... it's free innit?!

Anyway, there are a few good reasons why I haven't written as much as I would like. Firstly, I went to visit a chum in Bristol at the weekend (that post is coming soon), so I wasn't in the vicinity of my laptop.

Secondly..... and would you bloody believe it?........ on the way back from Bristol on Sunday night, my car developed a fast puncture. Crikey O'Reilly! It's one thing after a bloody 'nother at the moment with that motor.

I first noticed that something was awry when I went round a roundabout and the car seemed to be a bit wobbly (that's a technical term that is). And then I woke up on Monday morning to go to work, to be confronted by this..................

Pic.No.1. My car had a flat tyre

Bummer! At first I thought that everything would be alright if I pumped it up with air and carried on as normal. But I was 'oh so wrong' dahlink. I left work and found that the tyre was yet again, as flat as a Gordon Brown speech.

After limping to a garage, I was informed that the tyre was so flat, it was irreperably damaged because I had driven on it. Which in turn necessitated a whole new tyre costing........ another £41.00.

AARGH! But I have come up with a plan. If I combine the 'cat solution' (i.e. the bazooka) with my car, I could eliminate two headaches in one go.

"Here kitty, kitty....... fancy a ride in my chariot?"


  1. 'as flat as a Gordon Brown speech' is a good, good line.

  2. The older a car is the more you spend on it......

    Different URL on the ID bit this tiembit of a variation from Arkwrights!!!

  3. Sorry 'bout your flat tire! Got to share a story about how I was able to help a motorist with a low-pressure tire:



  4. Oh, yes Robert. Is that a new website I can see?

  5. No had it a few years it has pictures of the railway I volunteer on, makes a change from my blog site!!

  6. Hi Annie, sorry about your flat tyre.

    I've seen that you have left a comment or two on Fridge Soup. Would you like an invitation to become a cook?


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