Sunday, 28 February 2010

Cat stalker......... bring it on

Ahh, what a lovely lot you are. Once you became aware of the fact that I was being harassed by a cat stalker, all manner of helpful suggestions came forth to help me deal with the problem. They ranged from; (1) surrounding my house with lion manure; (2) scaring the thing off with a water pistol; and (3) the rather inventive idea that I could eat the cat. Even better, I received a link to a site that explains how best to cook them; How to eat cats (thanks Robert, that is a fab idea with some really useful recipe tips!).

However, I think that the most thoughtful idea came from my chum Andy Brierly, who was seeking a longer term solution to the problem and suggested the following method;

Vid. No. 1. This might help deal with my cat stalker

Thanks matey, not only have you shown yourself to be creative (well being a professional photographer, I would expect no less dahlink), but you have revealed your caring and sensitive side by helping me in my time of need.


  1. If that doesn't help I don't know what will. But then again, I hope hope you don't end up like Bill Murray in "Caddyshack"

  2. Yep, I thought it was quite a comprehensive solution too. I don't know what Caddywhack is though

  3. I see. It's a movie where a deranged Bill Murray tries to exterminate a gopher from a golf course using escalating methods. He eventually blows up the golf course but the gopher gets away.


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