Sunday, 21 February 2010

The car saga concludes..... or does it?

Whoops. What with all the drama surrounding my loss of internet, TV and phone, I have got all out of sync with my blog postings. But then I remembered that I hadn't told you what happened with my hapless car after all the drama in the last couple of weeks [read about saga 1 here and read about saga 2 here].

Basically, the rotting heap my chariot failed its MOT roadworthiness test a while ago, and after a hefty bill to get it up to standard, it then needed to have a repair, repaired because it (the offside brakelight) still didn't work.

But after all the palaver, at long last my car was ready for an MOT re-test, and so back to the MOT garage I jaunted.

Pic.No.1. I took this sneaky shot of the inside of the MOT garage (the ramp on the right hand side is where they do the tests)

I handed the keys and the repair documentation to the mechanic, who looked at them and sucked the air through his teeth, shaking his head seriously.

"What?" I asked, starting to feel a little irate (again).

"You were supposed to have all the repairs completed within 10 days of the original MOT test," he sighed.

"It is 10 days isn't it?" I questioned in exasperation, but secretly knowing what he was going to say.

"Nope. It's eleven," he grinned, "that means you'll have to have another complete test."

"That will cost another £50! Please don't make me go through this again..... I have been to hell and back..... in the last few weeks this car has nearly cost me my friends, my family and my livelihood," I pleaded, exaggerating a tad for added emphasis [see what I did there? Yeh?].

"Ok," the mechanic sighed, "I'll do the retest free of charge, but don't tell anyone.... you'll have me put out of business if word gets around."

So I watched with bated breath as a series of tests were undertaken with various diagnostic equipment, and finally the mechanic declared himself finished.

"Did it pass?" I asked hopefully.

"Nope," replied the increasingly maddening mechanic, "your brakelight isn't working."

"Are you kidding me?" I demanded, coming close to hysteria, "the bloody light has been fixed twice now!"

"That one is fine, it is the other one that has stopped working now," he replied. ARRRGGGGGHHHH!

Sensing my increasing frustration, the mechanic made a suggestion; "there is something I could try to save you having to pay for any more repairs,"

"Go for it," I replied, jumping into the last lifeboat.

What happened next, left me a little agog to say the least. He walked up to the brakelight and gave it a bit slog with his fist........ and can you believe it? ............. the bloody thing started working again. 

All I can say is that it's a good job that I didn't employ those techniques when I worked in aerospace. It wouldn't have inspired the confidence of passengers if I placated them with; 'I've just given one of the wings a quick knock with me 'ammer and you should be fine for take-off now".

Anyway, back to my car - I snatched the MOT certificate from the mechanic's hand and hotfooted it out of there..... hopefully that will be the last of the car-sagas for the timebeing.


  1. Nice Jag!

    It's funny because I had a bulb warning light pop up on my dashboard today. I pulled over and got out to check which bulb had gone. Front off-side sidelight. I popped the bonnet, took the rubber cover off the light connections, fiddled about and Hey Presto! it came back on. Put the rubber cover back on, closed the bonnet, continued my journey.

    I don't expect my repair will be a permanent one though.

  2. Made me laugh. It's such a common technique, though, to beat up the machine that's not doing what it should.

  3. ha ha Brennig made me laugh...thought yours was the Jag... I won't tell if you dont!!

  4. Whaaat, the Jag isn't yours?

  5. Of course not! do I look like a jag driver? (i.e., over 50 and fat?)! Funny though!

  6. It's OK, I don't judge people by the cars they drive. If I did I would be middle-aged and boring instead of 14 and an adrenaline junkie.

    Only one of those statements may be accurate.


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