Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Years Eve - Happy 2010 everyone!

"So," I hear you cry, "you've gone a bit quiet since you learnt about Geeps, did you wimp out for New Year?"

Now then, now then....... me wimp out of an opportunity for a night out? That's like a tiger turning veggie, or meeting a trustworthy cow, or seeing a zebra with no stripes (that'll probably be a horse then).

It had been arranged that six of us would go for a meal in Witney (a market town 18 miles north of Oxford) and then onto a music club afterwards. Sounded like a plan to me!

We all met up at a pizzeria called Ask, where everyone promptly stuffed their faces. I would say that we stuffed our faces to build up our energy reserves for the impending dancing, but that would be a fib. We just stuffed our faces because we could.

Pic.No.1 Anna and Mark. He was eating so quick, his face was a blur

Pic.No.2 Tim comdey speed-eating by cutting out the middle man (i.e. the knife and fork). Theresa eating so quick that she is also a blur (nothing to do with my photography skills then)

Once the meal was over, we had a long, arduous twelve minute trek through Witney town centre ["maybe we should set up base camp here and continue in the morning" I suggested fruitlessly], until we reached Fat Lils, a music and comedy club.

Being more of a nice restaurant kind of gal, I was a little apprenhensive about going to a nightclub [haven't been to one for years, surely it would be frequented by fearsome pimply teenagers wearing hoodies and packing a piece], but it quickly became apparent that my fears were unfounded.

Pic.No.3. A bloke playing in a very good band when we arrived at the club

The venue was small enough to get close to the band (and the bar), but big enough to have a great atmosphere, and was also personal enough that the barstaff still added up your drinks order using a calculator...... I know....... how retro is that? Either that, or they weren't the best at mental arithmetic.....tskk tskk ..... educational standards today. 

Vid.No.1. One of the two bands playing

Anyway, in a fit of excitement, I decided that I needed to capture the atmosphere and share it with you. And you know what....... I bloody did. Even in the heat of the moment, I remembered how to use the video function on my camera....RESULT! Except that when I came to play it back, the band was so loud that the whole audio distorted, so I was only left with a soundless, feeble, visual-only offering. I'm sorry.... and I intend to self-flagellate for the whole of tomorrow as punishment.

Things hotted up as the night grew on, and the second band came on and picked up the pace even further. Dave picked up my camera and shouted, "right, let me get a video of you being a party animal."

"How do I do that?" I asked perplexedly.

"Improvise," he yelled back.

Vid.No.2. Me improvising being a party animal

Ok, the results didn't exactly make me look like P Diddy, but I tried .....somehow missing the quintessential swagger that comes with being a party animal.

"You looked a bit mentally ill," exclaimed Dave after reviewing the footage and deleting the sound because it had distorted again.

"I think I was a bit out of my depth," I replied, a little disappointed that I hadn't managed to carry it off, and vowing to practice being a party animal in front of the mirror when I got home [actually thinking about it, maybe I shouldn't be admitting these things in public].

And then the band stopped playing and shouted...."Hey folks..... the countdown has minute until the NEW YEAR!"

The crowd cheered enthusiastically, and jumped up and down, getting even more frenzied as the bells of Big Ben starting echoing around the room...... and then the twelfth bell chimed, and the celebrations properly commenced....and guess what? I managed to get some of it on video.... especially for you........

Vid.No.3. New Year 2010

The good news is that even though the audio is a bit distorted because of the noise, you can still hear the chimes and celebrations.......... HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010! And wishing a happy and healthy new year to everyone............


  1. Happy new year to you also, always follow your blog.


  2. Happy new year to you as well Robert.... nice to hear from you!

  3. I agree with Dave, you look demented!

  4. Well good for you for getting out there and partying it up - and love the post and videos!!!

    Reading you as always...

    Happy New Year!


  5. Why thank you Brahm..... at least someone is nice to me around here (demented? moi?). I certainly do like a good party every now and then. Anyway, happy new year to you. Looking forward to your 2010 blogs!


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