Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Milk, credit cards and snowmen

After tasting freedom in yesterday's posting, I hoped that I had seen the last of being snowed in.

You can see where this is going can't you? Yes sirree, this morning I awoke to another 3 inches of snow, and my inbox informing me that the schools were closed, the dustbins weren't going to be emptied, and the local council had nearly run out of grit for the roads ..... meaning that if I did want to venture out, I would be dicing with death.

EVERYBODY PANIC............ again.

Having run out of milk, but being in urgent need of a cup of tea, I decided to try and make it to the local shop. Luckily, I had had the forethought to park my car down the road, away from any slippery inclines [oh yeh, no flies on me - tapping side of head].

After slipping and sliding my way to the shop, I was feeling pretty self-congratulatory, and after queuing for the till (everyone else was panic-buying), I slid my credit card into the machine to pay....... only to witness the bloody thing snap in half (my card, not the machine that is).

"Ha ha!" laughed the woman behind the till, sympathetically. "Apparently it happens a lot in cold weather.... makes the plastic brittle you see," she added helpfully.

Pic.No.1. My snapped credit card. I had to blank out some of the numbers because you could be a criminal for all I know. You could clone my identity and end up with a urgent desire to eat out all the time.

I sighed despairingly, and ran out to my car to see what change I could muster from the ashtray.....Phew, I scraped together 43 pence...... enough for half a pint.

Once back home, with my hands wrapped around a warm cup of tea, I pondered my plight...... no money, snowed in (again), and cold (because my house is so wafty and drafty).

What's a girl to do? ......... ummmmm...... I know! Embrace the winter wonderland and build a bloody great snowman in my garden.

So I did.

Pic.No.2. Me and bloody great snowman get on swimmingly

Tomorrow, I am going to stretch my engineering talent to the limit by attempting to build an igloo with a roof. Oh yeh. I don't shy from a challenge.......... But before I go, here is my favourite snow-survival tip.

Pic.No.3. Don't eat yellow snow. (With thanks to Naughty George who made this picture possible)

P.S. Just one last thing. After going back inside when the snowman was finished, I my consternation ....... that Izzy had mysteriously disappeared. After searching frantically, I eventually found her lying in the snow outside the back door, catching snowflakes in her mouth. Weird or what?

Pic.No.3. Izzy is the little pink blob under the kitchen window


  1. It could only happen to you (although snapping your credit card still pales into insignificance next to falling off the shed roof whilst clearing the satellite dish and sending my leg all the colours of the rainbow and swelling to the size of Nigeria - it has now reduced to something around the size of A smaller country like Togo)

  2. Now then, now then. Surely it hasn't really swelled to the size of Nigeria. Can you compare it to some citrus fruit instead?

  3. OK - it was a cantaloupe melon and now is about pomegranite sized


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