Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Mysteries of the Universe. Part 2

Today's 'Mysteries of the Universe' relates to people living in colder climes, so if you live somewhere warm, e.g. Florida [grrrrrrrr], you aren't invited, so it's probably best that you go and frolic in the sun [grrrrrrrr].

Here we go. I have noticed a very strange phenomena over the last few, and very cold, weeks.

Let's set the scene first; I live in a very old, and very drafty house. Plus I am too tight to turn the central heating on during the day. The result? I always dress with an intemperate clime in mind; that is, two pairs of socks, a t-shirt, two jumpers and a bodywarmer [oh yeh, I look goooooood].

Then, during the day, the last of the central heating fades, the late afternoon frost kicks in, and I get colder and colder until eventually, the shivers hit me and I am unable to tipe any blag postesz.

"So where is the mystery in that?" I hear you cry.

Well done, you have spotted the crux of the problem. Oh yeh, once you have reached goose-bump cold, all you need to do is go and change your clothes; put on pyjamas and a dressing gown instead of aforementioned ten layers, and voila! you instantly get warm again.

So how the bloody hell does that work? You are wearing less layers, you are in the same environment, and yet you are now warm! It is a proper mystery. And it has been bugging me for ages..... please say that you have experienced the same phenomena.

Next up is Mystery of the Universe Part B; Why do you have to dry-clean raincoats?

I shall leave you ruminating, and will mark your answers out of ten.


  1. perhaps you are like a thermos flask... try moving from one spot..I've found that works...and have you purchased your black shoes yet?

  2. I am not sure about the answer to either question - I need a plane ride, a pad and more ruminating time. In addition (and topically, based on the forecast), how does a snow plough driver get to work?

  3. You see, you have both cleverly dodged the point in case..... it is a true mystery. P.S. Yes I got my shoes!


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