Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas mayhem

Jingle bloody bells.

I thought that Christmas was a time of celebration and reflection. Well, I can report that the last two days have been mayhem squared, compounded with a lack of organisation to the power 3.

Oh yeh, I've been busy and it's all my own fault. I left everything to the last minute and suffered the consequences; 30 minute queues for all the supermarket checkouts, 25 minute queues for the petrol pumps and a 27 minute queue to leave the retail park. 

Once my booty was finally ensconced at home, I had to make sure that the house was properly clean and tidy because I am going north for Christmas and can't abide coming back to a mess.

And then what? A three hour journey to Leeds took FIVE hours because of a light dusting of snow.

I can't talk much because I am still traumatised..... but safe to say, I am at Sarah's house in Leeds now, and I have a glass of wine....... things are starting to look up! Hurray!


  1. At least you are now safe, warm and drinking! Oxfordshire is now officially the new Siberia and not even safe to walk (beer and ice is not a good combination!)

  2. Yep, and looking out the window at a big dump of snow that happened last night!

  3. Happy Christmas Anne. Enjoy sunny Leeds. I'll catch up with you on your return!!

  4. Nice one Sam...... See you when I get back and have a fab Christmas!


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