Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday 13th - beware of the jinx

Crikey. There I was complaining about about my unlucky Hong Kong umbrella, then after publishing the post, I noticed that the date today is Friday 13th!

So that got me thinking about all the bad things that have happened today, and I feel that I can now present conclusive proof that Friday the 13th is indeed, unlucky:

1. My umbrella kept collapsing and engulfing my head
2. The washing machine got stuck on the rinse cycle
3. The top drawer in my freezer cracked when I tried to open it because it was iced up
4. Naughty George pooed on the living room floor because he didn't want to go out in the rain
5. I forgot to buy Bloo Blocks for my toilet whilst at the supermarket
6. My Firefox browser hung when I tried to download a council tax form
7. My friend Sarah cancelled her vist to see me this weekend because she had forgotten about a christening she was going to on Sunday
8. I got lost in Oxford trying to find the Town Hall
9. Naughty George was sick on one of my rugs after eating food from the compost heap
10. My Sonic-care toothbrush developed an intermittent fault
11. Naughty George killed a pheasant in the back garden
12. The padlock on my shed seized up whilst I was trying to find a spade to bury pheasant
13. Naughty George rolled in cow manure on his walk
14. Naughty George jumped up onto my Laura Ashley armchair covered in cow manure
15. I discovered that normal detergents don't remove cowpat stains from upholstery

I am telling you, Friday 13th is jinxed..... so y'all take care now.


  1. This is exactly why I've decided to stay inside today. I had errands to run but it looks so grim outside. My luck is already bad enough without tempting the superstition of Friday the 13th. Good luck with the rest of your day.

  2. I'd go back to the pub if I was you...

  3. So what bad luck have you had DJ? Pray do tell........

  4. Actually, that is exactly what I did. The Talkhouse was a fine host last night

  5. Well most of my bad luck has been financial/job related. I don't think I could retain my sanity if I had a bunch of little mishaps. Luckily the only bad luck I experienced on the 13th was having an egg roll off the counter and splatter on the floor.

  6. Ugh! one of the worst type of bad luck is financial. The egg splatter isn't too bad compared to that!


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