Monday, 20 July 2009

It is pants in England .... everyone move to the Med!

Right. That is it. I need advice.

Does anyone know how to wage a war on the weather? I have sat here for a number of weeks now, patiently waiting for my hazy summer's evenings in the garden. I have even remained stoic in the face of rain...... 'it won't last', I have been telling myself, 'it's summer.'

But yet again, I have downloaded the BBC weather forecast to be faced with this:

How much is an individual to bear? You see, I normally live and breathe the theory that you should never have a summer holiday abroad whilst it is summer in Britain. The reason being, that the weather is so bad the rest of the time that you should stay here and appreciate it whilst it is good.! Find me a flight to a warmer clime post-haste. I think the grain of rice has finally broken the armadillo's back!


  1. said no Florida during the summer...having second thoughts?

  2. Struth, even middle of the Aussie winter is better than that! 22C and brilliant sunshine today

  3. It's England, Summer is defined as the three months where its daylight long enough to see the rain

  4. Actually, I think that all the seasons have been defined incorrectly. The should be renamed more honestly to prevent people's hopes being dashed:

    Warm drizzle
    Cool drizzle and dead leaves
    Cold drizzle occasionally turning white
    Lukewarm drizzle with birds falling out of nests

  5. Aussie! 22C in winter! I don't believe you. I know what you antipodeans are like. You steal British backpackers and abandon them in the Blue Mountains for two weeks.

    P.S. Is the Blue Mountains where I went on that trip with you?


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