Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Disaster night at my house

I had a horror night tonight. Everything that could go wrong, did. Actually isn't that Murphy's law?

After driving home in inexplicably dire traffic, I arrived back and attempted to reverse into my drive, only to discover that the car behind me had tried to get past me whilst I was attempting this maneouvre. Obviously I hit him, and at quite considerable momentum because I drive quite quickly (but always within the speed limit of course - thinking about it, is it possible to break the speed limit whilst reversing?).

Picture the scene - a Renault parked across my driveway with my car's boot embedded in its driver's door. It turns out that the driver of the Renault lives in a street not far from me so we introduced ourselves with a friendly handshake, exchanged contact details, picked up the bits of bodywork on the road and went on our way. My boot however, is still pretty dented. How unlucky was that accident?

After the anguish of my car crash I thought; 'I know, I shall have a bath and then dinner, in order to try and stop myself getting post-traumatic stress disorder' (after all, I don't want to be a burden on the NHS, especially when they are trying so hard to improve provisions for the elderly).

The only problem was that in the meantime, I started doing a blog entry (ending in the sentence above in fact), and my absorption meant that I didn't notice the bath filling up to the top....... then over the sides...... all over the bathroom floor and landing.

"DOH!" I exclaimed, even though I was on my own.

After 30 minutes of cleaning up bathwater, I decided to make myself a last ditched cup of tea, at which point I realised that I had put my milk in the freezer instead of the fridge after shopping yesterday, so that it resembled a murder weapon rather than a beverage accompaniment.

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