Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Blimey, you lot are a demanding bunch. I have had a "number" of complaints that look like this:

"where are the blogs...I'm wilting away from not having one..."

"look lively, you haven't posted for two days"

"Is your computer done in again? I logged in and there are no new ones"

"i thought u posted every day but i cant see the last 2 days"

etc. etc.

Terribly sorry... I don't know if you know, but Phil (my business partner and -unfortunately - brother) has been away since last Friday so I am covering two jobs. Even though his job is really easy compared to mine, it has meant a significant increase in daily workload. For example, I had to delete 243 emails entitled 'increase the size of your penis."

Anyway.... don't you lot have sunbathing to do instead of complaining about my lack of blog?!!

Eh Eh?

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