Saturday, 6 June 2009

Lunch in London (but don't tell anyone)

As you have probably noticed, my postings have been rather sporadic since my feckless Sony Vaio decided to commit Hari Kari, taking all my data with it. The DHL man arrived at the office on Friday and said, "hello! I have come to collect a Sony laptop," then added, "again," and started laughing heartily.

You will be pleased to know that I have since managed to borrow one of Phil's antiquated laptops, but I have to keep feeding the hamsters to make sure the battery stays charged.

This weekend has been hectic, what with Juan being in Dubai and all. However, Becks and I did manage to get out of the office when a potential new American client wanted us to visit him to discuss the Baumhaus products and Kinetic logistics (part of Baumhaus) services. After meeting the client in Oxford Circus, Becky had done such a good job of her presentation, that it would have been rude not to offer her lunch.

"Fancy a bite to eat?" I asked

"Damn right," she replied, adding "we are right next to Carnaby Street, so we can find something down there." That is the benefit of going places with Logistics Managers - they always know where everything is. She is like a Sat Nav with long hair.

Pic. No. 1 Carnaby Street which is famous for it's quirky trend-setting shops, unfortunately, none of which still exist.

We found a nice restaurant called the Carnaby Burger Co whose advertising slogan is 'restaurants against hunger'. It's a bit odd really. You would think that if you were in the restaurant game, that would be an unspoken given, not a marketing tool. Whilst we ordered, I texted one of my oldest [just to clarify, she isn't old, our friendship is. She does not require botox] friends, Josephine, to say we were in Carnaby Street. Next thing I know, she had texted back saying that she was on her way to join us. She works just round the corner in Hanover Square and is one of the top bods in House and Garden magazine (which is handy when it comes to designing furniture because I can blag free magazines to see the latest trends).
Josephine duly turned up with the latest edition of House and Garden, which hasn't even been released yet. I love that. It makes me feel of consequence. I ordered a chilli burger and Becks ordered a Pepper Jack burger, but we both complained that they were too fat, so you couldn't get them in your mouth, and when you tried to use a knife and fork, the top slid off, revealing the contents of the burger. They were pretty tasty though.

Pic. No. 2 A Sat Nav with a hoody on

After a pretty quick lunch, we decided to head back to Oxford because things were busy with Juan on holiday. I managed to get a quick couple of pictures of the chaps............

Pic. No. 3 Josephine (left) trying to get out of the picture (she failed), and Becky with a hook-hand

And then I arrived back at the car. Dammit. I had been given a parking ticket. Apparently, as a direct result of our technological ineptitude, the payment had failed when we tried to pay by text. As a result, we have been fined £120.00. That could buy me 61.85 Big Macs. Is it me, or does it seem a bit steep?

Anyway, the hapless explorers eventually made it back to Oxford in one piece, to be encountered by Phil.

"Do you guys fancy a long weekend sailing in the Mediterranean next week?"

"Yes ok." I replied.

"Spose so," said Becks.

"I'll book it then," said Phil.

Then all of a sudden, it was weekend, and Baumhaus resembled the Marie Celete. Employees have no dedication these days.

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