Friday, 19 June 2009

Back to Blighty please Easyjet

And then, as quickly as it had started, our time in Ibiza ended. After all the excitement of snorkelling, sailing, sling-shotting and other things beginning with 's', we were finally back on our way back home.

"Hang on!" Phil shouted, " we are an hour early for our flight because I didn't adjust the time on my phone when we arrived. Shall we stop off for a beer?"

"Abso-bloody-lutely," hollered Becks, pointing to an interesting looking Moroccan bar next to the harbour.

Pic. No. 1 Becks tried to manipulate my Karma in the Bedouin tent

It was a really great place with all the tables and sofa-type things situated inside Bedouin-like tents and backing onto the sea. Unfortunately, we only had an hour before we had to leave for the airport and once again, we were squeezed, shoved and pushed into the back of the manky Nissan Micra, with the luggage on our laps because the boot lock had failed.

Thirty five minutes later, we arrived at the airport and we were so wedged into the Micra that both 'door-side' passengers (i.e. Becks and I) fell onto the pavement once the doors were opened. It was not dignified.

We checked in, disposed of our luggage, and then spent an hour in the departure lounge watching all the other Easyjet customers fighting with airport staff because their flights were delayed by MEGA (i.e. 6 plus) hours.

Luckily, ours was the only Easyjet aircraft on-time, so we took our seats, put our heads down and hoped for the best. Someone was looking over us because we took off on time and the Airbus A319 (yes I am still an aerospace geek) cruised towards Luton.

By now it was getting on towards midnight, and Phil and Becks were starting to look like they were flagging, so I stopped taking pictures of them, and concentrated on the Easyjet cabin crew.
Blimey, they were wearing so much orange polyester that I feared that the static they generated could interfere with the flight controls.

I raised the issue with one of the cabin crew and suggested that they are all issued with earthing straps.

"Could you please take your seat, and we will look into the issue of static electricity," she replied in a nasal Dudley accent. But somehow, I don't think those crew are going to be wearing cotton anytime soon.

I am flagging now..... but I managed to get a picture of our Easyjet A319 Airbus on the apron as I disembarked the aircraft.

My final effort is a pic of Becks making her way to baggage reclaim at 4am. Crikey, this is a late night even for me..... and I am night owl. I am now too officially exhausted to lift my camera out of the case.

You will be pleased to know that we all got home at about 5.30am in the morning. UGH.

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