Friday, 15 May 2009

Just a quick update

You are never going to believe this. After driving back to my new house from work today, I pulled into my driveway and found a funny-looking box in my porch. Ummmmmmm...... 'this is never going to be a BT Broadband Internet Total Broadband Home Hub' (or whatever it is called), I thought.

Obviously because BT's customer service is so notoriously poor, I instantly decided that it was more likely to be a letter bomb than my internet equipment. As such, I tentatively approached the box adopting a defensive karate stance just in case (always helps with letter bombs), and poked it with my foot. You could have knocked me down quicker than Rocky in the first fight of all of his films. STOP PRESS: It actually WAS my BT Broadband Home Hub 2.0 Internet Total Hub (or whatever it is called) and NOT a bomb.

O.M.G. I never saw that coming. BT delivering everything ON-TIME with no cock-ups. [Hang on, the house move has been pretty busy, and maybe the stress of the third biggest life-event has teleported me into a parallel universe]. In order to test reality, I stuck a blunt hoof pick (left by previous owner - we are in Oxford darling) into my arm to test my levels of consciousness. Yep, the Home Hub 2.0 Total BT box (or whatever it is called) was still there. Bizarrely, it was also really painfree to install.

Hence cyberspace has come to Forest Hill, and the blog posts can get back up and running. Please excuse the lack of pictures though, I have lost my collection of cabling in the house move so can't upload any photographs. Moving house is pants.

After the excitement of getting the internet working, I decided that I was going to finish unpacking and nothing was going to divert me from the task of getting my house straight. I unwrapped my first picture (called 'girl picking mushrooms'), when I heard the door knocker. It was my new neighbour, Esme, letting me know that I had left my car lights on.

I unpacked my second picture (called 'the little domestic') when the door knocker went again. It was Becks, Phil and Steve W who were on their way to the White Horse which is our local Thai restaurant / inn.

The end results were: car headlights got turned off, we went for a lovely meal at the White Horse Inn, I am back home on the internet............ all top banana! Except..... doh! I have just stepped over a full box and remembered that nothing was supposed to divert me from unpacking. Just off to unwrap my third picture............

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