Thursday, 9 April 2009

I can upload videos and everything!

Today, I thought that I would learn a new skill, so I have been trying to figure out how one goes about uploading videos on the blog from YouTube. The reason is that it would allow me from time to time, to make everyone at Baumhaus seem a little more three dimensional, plus videos are often more incriminating and therefore have greater entertainment value.

Anyway, whilst at work yesterday, I decided to pick two people to video. I am a complete rookie at this videoing milarky, so please view yourself as my own personal guinea pig whilst I get my head round it and try and inject a shred of quality into my offerings.

My first victim was Becky, and the video is entitled: "Becks the evil dog-hater"

Basically, Becks hates Naughty George because he woofs a lot, and I caught the evidence on video! Ha Ha! I am going to report her to the RSPCNG.

Sorry the images are a bit grainy. I don't have a proper video camera so I had to do them on my mobile phone.

My second victim is Juan and the video is entitled: "I have proof that Juan is not dead"

Basically, because Juan doesn't move around much, in the past we have had worried customers ringing up after viewing him on the webcam, concerned that he is either dead or is really a lifesize dummy. Well, I hope that for once and for all I can refute both concerns!

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