Monday, 2 March 2009

Happy Birthday Becks!

I just thought that you would like to know that; (1) today it is Becks' birthday; and (2) she is officially very old.

Obviously, because she is on holiday we were unable to give her the bumps or force her to buy cakes for the rest of the office (weird tradition that - never have been able to get my head round it), or even shout "where's your zimmer Grandma".

However, she told me that facebook might give me a couple of clues about what she had been up to on her birthday.

Given that she is on a snowboarding holiday, I was not surprised to find this picture of her ...... well........ snowboarding (but I can't work out why the picture has gone really small). She is apparently performing a technical move that involves going downhill one way, and then changing direction so that you go downhill backwards. I can't remember the name of it though. I think it is called 'fakey' or something, but doing it when you are moving is quite hard apparently. Go girl!!!!!

Shortly after returning from the slopes, the celebrations continued with Becks roaring at a tube of Pringles, whilst hiding all her newly-acquired wrinkles under a very large headband.

All Becky's pictures were very civilised, so I had to ask Maz (one of the chaps on holiday with her) for a behind-the-scenes picture. He duly obliged, and sent a picture of Becks taken an hour ago, celebrating her birthday with some of her fellow snowboarders. Chars Maz! I owe you one. Plus I like the way that you managed to get a second Baumhaus employee into the same shot..... who is that then?!

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