Saturday, 28 January 2012

I bloody hate Sainsburys supermarket

Greetings blog chum.

You will be pleased to hear that I mainly did two things today. Firstly I took Naughty George on a long walk, and then I did my weekly shopping. Obviously the first activity was enjoyable, but the second was always going to be a chore because I HATE any form of shopping (with the exception of cars and gadgets).

And to make matters worse, today I did my shopping at the Sainsbury's Supermarket in Oxford (Heyford Hill area).

Under normal circumstances, I would never visit Sainsbury's because their customer service is total pants.

But I make an exception to brazen it out bi-weekly, simply because they have a load of immigrant Polish chaps working in the car park who will clean your car with their tongues, and only charge 50p.

Pic.No.1 This is my local Sainsbury's store at Heyford Hill in Oxford

Back to the supermarket - I was in the store for an hour today and spent £120.14. And because I am kinder than Mild Green Fairy Liquid, here are a few of the more notable customer service incidences that I encountered during my visit ..........

I couldn't find any veal. So I asked a spotty employee who couldn't have been more than ten years old.

"I think it's over there," he said pointing vaguely at a location over my shoulder.

"Could you show me please?" I asked, getting a definite snot on.

The pimpled youth walked over to a random shelf and looked around a bit (in a none purposeful manner) before concluding, "sorry we don't do veal."

"Do you have a butcher's counter I can try?" I asked in an exasperated fashion.

"Down there," pimply youth said vaguely pointing towards the end of the aisle.

 Pic.No.2. This is the inside of Sainsbury's. I hate this store

I arrived, and waited at the butcher's counter for 5 minutes, whilst the "butcher" (I use that term loosely) pissed around sharpening a knife. He finally put it away and turned to me, saying "yes?"

"Do you sell veal?" I asked.

"What?" he replied.

"Don't you mean pardon? I am looking to buy some veal. You know, the meat from a baby cow."

"Never heard of it," the butcher said shaking his head. If he was a butcher, I'm Cindy Crawford.

What can you say? A butcher who has never heard of veal?! That's Sainsbury's for you. So I gave up on the veal and continued my shop. This time I needed Fennel and Pak Choi (yep, I am going through a 'eat weird shit' stage). I spent 20 minutes hunting around the vegetable aisles and couldn't find them because the layout in Sainsbury's is rubbish.

Eventually I resorted to interrupting two employees who were having a good gossip.

"Excuse me, could you tell me where I can find fennel and pak choi?" I asked.

I was slightly taken aback by the fact that they both looked pissed off at being interrupted. Stroppy guy no.1 just looked at the floor. At least guy no. 2 had the decency to make eye contact before saying, "you need to go to the next aisle along, second shelf down," before turning his back on me and continuing his conversation.

He didn't physically show me the way - oh no. I had to use his general instructions in order to find what I needed. Which added another 10 minutes onto my supermarket trip. Oh yeh, at this point, I was properly hating everything Sainsbury's.

But I tried to be philosophical about it - I had got most of what was on my list, and all I needed to do was pay.

But yet again, Sainsbury's made the process as painful as watching an episode of Jersey Shore.

The bloody bastards had skimped on the checkout staff, so there were HUGE queues of people spilling into the aisles from all of the operational tills.

Pic.No.3 These are random people ahead of me in the queue. I had been waiting for TWENTY minutes to pay for my stuff

To put it into perspective, I had to queue for 20 minutes (behind five FIVE other heaving trolleys) before I could process my goods (despite the fact that there were loads of un-manned check-out lanes).

By the time I finally left the bloody supermarket, I had an urge to shout 'BASTARDS' out of my car window. But that would have only given me a temporary release.

When I got home, I decided to employ a more scientific approach to the company - I researched their share values ....... and crikey o'reilly, it seems like I am not the only one who thinks that Sainsbury's is rubbish. 

Pic.No.3 Sainsbury's shares have plummeted in value over the last two years, probably caused by the fact that their customers can't find veal or fennel. Or get customer service

But hey, that's why blogging is so bloody ace .... you don't have to suffer in silence.

Just imagine - a supermarket gives you crap service and one blog post later, thousands of people read about it ..... and there is nothing they can do to stop you. Except ..... well...... thinking about it, if Sainsburys offered me a crate of Bolly, I would immediately delete this post.

Damn I am easily bought - but it's something I am working on.

So dahlink ..... it's your turn ...... you need to name your favourite supermarkets, and shame the worst. Let's have some fun ;-)

P.S. I think it is just as important to name the good as the bad. How totally old-fashioned am I?

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  1. Hello Annie I work in a supermarket at the moment due to not being able to find a apprenticeship for my career path,and i have to agree with you, what a bad experience you had. When i am on the tills for 5 hours and eventually get a timed break from the min we exit the chair, then i get customers like you asking for things it can get a little annoying. Every time i finish my shift i am always at least 7 min late then i get people like you asking were this is and i want this, well i have finished work and i do feel angry on a low wage £7.07 an an hour and then free labor to you as we have finished work! how dare you remark about a sporty teenager how rude of you, do you think your face is of an angel? You had to wait 20 min in the queue well what do you expect if you have older people and young finding there coupons and change then wanting to pay it on card or half card. Then customers want something else so we have to call are supervisors to get them for example bananas that are two feet away but the customers are to lazy to get it them self's. Do you think we enjoy are jobs when customers like you want us to wipe your asses with gold for £7.07 an hour on checkouts?, most customers are ignorant we have to say hello and 80% time we get ignored or your snotty noises look down on us. Next time you decide to write a blog think about those people that you are talking about. You tell me also why cant colleagues gossip (TALK) should they be quite and be standing on guard to a bay your question, Overall I believe you are a ignorant lady you are the same as anyone else lady so why should you be treated like a princess if a guy points down there why the hell is that not good enough cant you use your brain to do that, should the young lad get a wheel chair and take you write up to the counter. People like you piss me off


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