Monday, 13 December 2010

It's a wrap! Let's make those presents look lovely

Hi, this is just a quick note to let you know that I can't do a blog today because I have been wrapping Christmas presents.

If you think about it, wrapping presents is a pretty thankless task. You spend (and I calculated this today) approximately 10 minutes and 56 seconds per present. And when the gift is eventually presented to the recipient, they look at it for a couple of seconds, coo a bit, and then rip all your handiwork off within less than 19 seconds to get to the mass-produced tat within. Let's put it this way, if it was a business model, it would be shite.

Admittedly, I did go for quite a complicated wrapping scheme (for me) which involved silver wrapping paper, black ribbons, black stick-on flowery-type things, and small silver baubles which also double as a Christmas tree decoration.

Pic.No.1. Look at the state of my dining room table! It's covered in present-wrapping crap

Pic.No.2. A sample of the presents that I wrapped this evening. It's like Macy's at my house

So that's why I can't write a blog today. Fifteen presents are wrapped, and nine to go. It's like hiking to the North Pole in flip-flops (or 'thongs' if you are American). 

How are your Christmas preparations going by the way? Do you have any pics for me?

Anne Dickens | The day after yesterday


  1. I think they used to be 'thongs' over here when I was a kid. But now 'thongs' are those creepy crawl-up-your-butt undies, so we (or at least *I*) use 'flip-flops' now. :-)

  2. You've WRAPPED your presents already?

    I haven't bought mine yet!

    Admittedly though, I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas: I traditionally leave it till Dec 23rd then I panic and end up buying the really expensive stuff.

  3. Hiya Kelly! bloody hell, so I got it wrong? They now call thongs, flip flops in the US?

    Thank god for that, because like you, I always think of thongs as those ass-splitting bits of underwear!

  4. Oh yeh Masher... presents not only bought, but wrapped! - blows fingernails and looks smug!

    It sounds like I am organised, but the fact is that in past years, I have left everything until Christmas eve, necessitating a mad dash around the shops.

    I have to begrudingly admit that buying them weeks in advance is far more fun and less stressful! Shit is that middle age talking?

  5. Thongs is for Aussies... they have always been flip flops here... Bloody cold today.. feels like winter, get your arse over and wrap the rest of mine, I'm bored with it!

  6. Hey Clare, I am ready. Poised like a coiled spring. All I need is the flight details and I will be over like a shot!

  7. You have done a fine job Anne! The packages will glow as the best ever...for the nano-second before the 19 second shredding :)

    I used to take the time to wrap gifts so that the package represented the contents...a book was wrapped to look like a book...pages and all, a shirt had a collar and buttons, etc. Not so much I use newsprint and bailing only lasts 19 seconds anyway :)

    Good job!

  8. It's a wrap! And you ARE good at it!

  9. No Wonder I never got all my wrapping done whilst the kids were out Sunday, with average 10 mins per present wrapped.
    I still have much to do.

    Your wrapping looks beautiful. I hope it is appreciated by the receipiants.


  10. I love your gold and black motif there. Really elegant. I just want to kiss the feet of the guy who invented the gift bag and stick-on bow.

  11. Wow, I'm very impressed by your gift wrapping skills. I may send my presents on over so you can do mine too. :). You don't want to see my wrapping, you'd probably un-follow me. It's really bad. LOL

  12. Your presents are so totally coordinated. I am totally impressed. Although I always have good intentions of making my presents look like they were professionally wrapped, they usually wind up looking like a one-armed, blind person did it.

  13. put me to shame! The extent of my fancy wrapping is dictated by whether or not the cats will decide that any part of the package is something that could be considered edible.

    Of course, then I have one cat who LOVES Christmas as much as any human child and is more than willing to start unwrapping the presents before the designated date! =)

    Excellent work love! =) Things are definitely shaping up to be holiday like around your house! =)

  14. Fliplops for me tho I had a Kiwi friend who called them Jandles & my cousins lived in Thailand & called them Chaps ( I think if memory serves & usually these days it doesn't ! )

    Nothing wrapped - stuff due from Amazon & still loads to even think of an idea ! Your wrapping is divine.

    My soon to be fifteen year old son did a secret santa swap yesterday & received two condoms & a picture of Darth Vader saying, " If your saber has a shield on it, it can't hurt anyone. Don't be silly wrap your willy " Joe is a big star wars fan - the condoms he can put away somewhere unless he wants to blow them up to make balloons to annoy grandpa over Christmas ( Actully - that is a great idea ! )

  15. You have an artistic way of wrapping them up. I just go by ear and hope for the

    Christmas for me will be non existent as I am way to broke. Thanks for reminding me to send notes to friends NOT TO SEND prezzies as I am too skint to do one back.

    Have a merrrrry Christmas with your great family!!

  16. Those look great! I have shopped but not wrapped yet. I hate wrapping gifts it totally stresses me out. Like shopping and giving, and uh receiving gifts, wrapping and all that a work and always feel should be better.

    Yours look terrific. Wanna wrap mine?

  17. They look gorgeous! I am always the one up until 4am yelling at the hubby for falling asleep as I continue to wrap gifts!

  18. Hi Annie! I can't imagine anyone destroying those gorgeous packages of yours. They are way too pretty! I am the world's worst wrapper ever. I am a big fan of the fancy bags with tissue paper. Even I can't mess that up (-:

  19. I'm with Masher. Not wrapped or bought yet. :) You're a bit mental Annie.


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