Monday, 8 November 2010

Bloody hell, look at this dog!

Aww, man alive, I laughed my head off (ha ha bonk) when I watched this video that I found over at Bodacious Boomer's blog. So much so, that I thought that I would be eviler than Charles Manson (except without the beard), if I didn't share it with you.

Vid.No.1. Chester the Incredible Peeing Dog

Just look at that dog go! Physiologically, that mutt must be made up of at least 90% bladder.

Incidentally, whilst I was on Youtube I noticed (to my surprise), that there are tons of people out there who like filming their dog pooping. Just search for 'dog pooping' and see for yourself.

What's that all about then?

Maybe I should be getting my video camera out next time I spot Naughty George trembling and a-shaking in the back garden!


  1. Hi Anne - Holy Moly! That dog is a kidney with eyeballs! Why didn't he evaporate into nothing as he emptied? I am glad he did it would need flood insurance to get the mess cleaned up inside.

  2. Eviler? I like that word. Glad you got a chuckle from the little whizzer. He is a hoot. Thanks for the link. BTW- What's Naughty George been up to? Hasn't he been naughty enough to post about? I miss reading about him.

  3. male dogs can pee forever. and i am pretty sure gallons of urine! had seen this video before and thought, i wonder how long the guys took to train this dog to do THAT? and then i wondered WHY?

    have a great day~

  4. I can't believe people post videos of their dogs pooping. But why why why?

  5. OMG - you really should warn people to empty their own bladders before watching something like this....I think I peed a little bit myself! That's hilarious! LOLOL

  6. Poor love! He's been so wrapped up in an artificial world that (if he ever knew it) he's forgotten he's a dog. He doesn't know/can't remember how dogs are supposed to go to the toilet. And he's in a cardigan FFS.

  7. Chester here is not only made up of all bladder and water, but he may be a bit "off" as well! This is a stitch! I can't even do a handstand, let alone piss in a perfect zigzag while doing one! How does he keep his face so dry? What the hell is going through his doggy head? Is this how he normally "goes" or does he know he is putting on a show? Damn, I am way too extroverted to watch this video and not come out of it feeling frustrated! I want to learn about this animal's mind and I want him to teach me how to do that!!!

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